Friday, February 29, 2008

I love cupcakes

I love cupcakes, and now you can too. If you live in these cities, near these cupcake places, please go, and tell me how wonderful they are!! :)

Someone aleady beat me to the punch with a blog dedicated fully to the love of cupcakes though. On the right side of the blog, there is a list of cupcakes in just about every city. I think I am ready to go on a country-wide cupcake tour. Anyone want to join? I know I will at least be hitting the ones in SLC, UT over spring break, so get ready Hillary! We are going cupcake hunting! :) Here are some of the places I intend to visit soon!

Renton, WA
Seattle, WA
Seattle, WA

Salt Lake City, UT
Salt Lake City, UT
Salt Lake City, UT Hillary, this one just opened right by you!!!
Sandy, UT

Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Long Beach, CA
There are about 10 more places in Los Angeles... I am going to be busy when I am there. You can view them all on the cupcake blog.

Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas, NV

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lindsey the Laundress

This was my nickname growing up . . .I am really not sure who came up with it. I think maybe my dad did. I think he was disturbed by what I did to his utility bill. I started doing laundry on my own, oh, I don't know, I think I was probably 10. I was just tired of waiting for my mom to do it, so I decided to do it myself.

The thing is, I did it ALL THE TIME. They would probably claim that I did it every day. I probably did it two times a week, which for a kid that age, was quite a bit. My parents would have to kick me out of the laundry room from time to time because I was hogging it.

Anyway, this leads me to TWO Subjects: Nicknames, and my newly painted laundry room . . .(more on the laundry room later)

We have about a jillion nicknames for our kids. Nicknames have always been important to us, and we actually considered what their nicknames might be BEFORE actually naming them. When Abby was born, my husband would make up songs to go along with her nicknames. (I will post the lyrics at the bottom) The other kids didn't really get songs that were dedicated to them. . . He was really the most musical with Abby, maybe because it rhymes with so many things, but still, we have managed to come up with many nicknames for all.

Abby: Pooker (pronounced poohker), Babbly Abby, Babby, Pookeraroo, Pookerelly, Baby (we called her this a lot from 0 -9 months), and Petunia Picklebottom.

Jaxon: Jax, Bjax, Bubba, Bub, Bubbadub, Wacko-Jacko, Jacko, JP, Bubba-Jack, and Crazy. (Just kidding on that last one)

Wade: Wader, Waderpants, Dub, Waderoo, Wadeski, and Amy's little boy likes to call him Wayne, which I think is cute.

My husband and I don't really have nicknames for each other other than 'honey' but, I will tell you that calling each other by our REAL names is an absolute No NO, and is always met with a sarcastic calling of the other persons' first name. I am not sure why this is, but it is kinda funny.

Ok: Here is one of Abby's songs: Sung to the Horsey, Horsey song. (You know, horsey, horsey on our way. . )

Abby Abby she's ok
she likes to sing hip hip hooray
she likes to run all around the house
tonight we hope she's quiet as a mouse

She likes to eat a little banana
She likes to drink up all her milk
Her belly's soft as puddin'
Her skin is soft as silk.

Repeat faster:

I have many more songs for Abby, but this is the one I thought would be least offensive. :) Other's speak of her tooting, and being fat. . . Come on! She was a baby!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I've been Tagged

I got tagged by Julie who is a friend of mine from our studies at BYU Jerusalem. We have kept in touch here and there over the years and I am loving that I get to read her blog from time to time. This is a different tag than I got last time so, here goes:

10 years ago:
I was living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I had graduated from BYU about a year ago and was just starting a career as a financial planner for American Express Financial Services. (I type that all out, because being a business professional and wearing business attire seems like a dream, from a very long time ago.) I was getting ready to buy a Condo with my a friend of mine and my parents were so concerned about me "never getting married" that they put my profile up on LDS Singles Online . . . [enter Peter]

5 Things to do on my list today:
1. Paint my laundry room. (I just got a new Washer and Dryer, and now, I need new paint to go with them!)
2. Take Jaxon to Speech Therapy, and pick up the Cupcakes that I ordered!
3. Then take the kids to Jaxon's ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Karate Class
4. Clean the Kitchen Floor (already did that)
5. Post on my blog (Doing that currently)

5 Snacks that I enjoy

1. Chocolate Chips
2. M & Ms
3. Chocolate Chip Cookies
4. Cupcakes
5. Cake

Come on! Are you suprised?????

What would I do if I were suddenly a billionare?

Travel, eat, travel, eat, travel Oh, and probably eat. And then hire a trainer so I could have a rockin' bod after I ate all that food! My Top 5 places to visit.
1. Japan (I LOVE SUSHI!)
2. Jerusalem
3. Ghanna (would turn 'Angelina' and bring home a baby)
4. Scotland
5. Turks and Caicos

Of course, I would seek out all of the finest dining establishments in said countries.

3 Bad Habits

1. Mothering my husband. (I occassionaly ask him if he brushed his teeth, and other irritating mothering questions)
2. Making Cookies
3. Watching E-news "Your Hook-up to Hollywood" I tivo it. I am sorry.

5 Places I have lived

1. Salt Lake City, UT
2. Los Altos, CA
3. Eugene, OR
4. Sandpoint, ID
5. Jerusalem, Israel

5 Jobs I have had:

1. I worked at the 49th Street Galleria as an Arcade Person- (1st Job)
3. Intramurals Supervisor (BEST JOB EVER! Espcially Umpiring Softball in the Summer . . .YOU'RE OUT!!!)
4. Account Executive for a Home Decor importer... (You do not want to know how much you over pay for your home decor! :)
5. Financial Planner

I am not going to do the 5 things you don't know about me because I already did them . . . So: I will give you my favorite brush with Fame.

I convinced a group of friends to go to the U-2 Concert with me in Vegas. We drove down, and I had gotten tickets, but we weren't sure where they were. It turns out they were on the floor right in front of the stage! (About 15 rows back)

We met up with some other friends who where way up in the arena, and we were jumping up and down, and screaming, showing them our seats... Some guy came up to us, and said, 'Give me your tickets' He was kind of rude, and abrupt, and he said it again louder. He told us he wanted to give us front row tickets, and he DID!

During the course of the concert, some girl threw her shoe on the the stage . . .Bono picked it up and was walking down the cat walk with it. Because I my obvious height advantage, I jumped up on to the gate holding the crowd back and reached over to touch his hand as he was walking by, and he gave the the SHOE!!!! It was hilarious, and I only had the shoe for about 15 minutes because the girl who chucked it, wanted it back. I told the security officer that it was her fault for throwing it up there, and that Bono gave it to me! He gave me a stern look, and I handed him the shoe.... But still, not many people can say, BONO GAVE ME A SHOE! (I am sure he remembers that)

Last time, I tagged all of my blogging friends, and most of them obliged. This time, I am going to tag some bloggers that I have found in the land of Blog that I love reading: Who knows, maybe they will oblige! TAG: Stie, Amy, and Jessica

Monday, February 25, 2008

Things that Make you go Ugh. . .

Saturday is a day that I do not want to re-live soon. I would have much rather been skiing with my daughter, but, instead, I was trying to maintain my sanity on my 4th day of my husband not being home. It had already been a challenging week with a sick kid, and a broken washing machine. Not to mention the lack of cupcakes at the bakery. . .

So I decided it was a GOOD IDEA to take 3 kids to the MALL. (When is it EVER a good idea to take three kids to the mall?) However, I had 'ants in my pants' (see Amy's comment on Jaxonisms) and I wanted to return all of the clothes I had gotten for the kids for Easter and get different ones. (ok, so, I am a nut job, what is your point?) Anywho, other than me being extremely ornery, things were going ok, and the threats I had issued to the kids we working pretty well. i.e. Don't even THINK about mis-behaving, or we will NOT go to the playland...GOT IT!??? I got the outfits I wanted, we got lunch at Orange Julius, and we even got to see Abby's snowflake on the School District display. All in all, it was a pretty successful takethreekidstothemall kind of trip . . until . . .

We went to the playland. Now, you would probably think that is the best part of the trip! Especially since things had been going so well! Not if you have Jaxon for a son. :) Jaxon in a playland environment, is much like a water molecule in the microwave . . when he gets warm (excited) he starts bouncing around and running into other water molecules (kids) and eventually you get a boiling water (a collision).
(The blur in the red shirt, is Jaxon)

Fortunately, this collision involved his sister. Unfortunately, it involved her falling into a lady who was holding a two week old baby in her lap cradeling its head in her hand and almost knocking the baby clean on to the floor . . .and the lady shrieking in horror and disgust. HI!!! YEP!! THOSE WOULD BE MY KIDS! I know, it was an accident, but that didn't stop me from hauling Jaxon out of the play land for a time out while replaying the new mother shreiking in horror at the incident in my head. Just not the way I wanted to end my ohsofun week. Ugh. . .

Friday, February 22, 2008

Curse the Cupcakes

I like food. It is not a secret. It is a family thing. If you visit our family food blog and click on Cookies and Yum you will find double the recipes, maybe even TRIPLE the recipes of any other link on the blog. What does that mean? We like dessert the BEST!

So, on most days, I think about cake.
Cake just happens to be my favorite dessert. I am not sure why. My favorite cake of all time is from Leslie's Bakery in Salt Lake City. I am not ashamed to admit, that if I am in town, I will drive to Leslie's and buy one, for absolutely no occasion, or celebration other than the celebration of eating it. If you are there, and want to buy one, it is well worth your $20 if you LOVE cake. It is called the Black and White cake. (White cake with Chocolate Fudge-like Frosting and this cream kindoflikemarshmallowbutnot stuff on top that I have yet to replicate, but dream about often. Buy one, you will thank me)

Anyway, I have long been on the search for more cake. As a matter of fact, when my sister, mom and I went to the Ellen Show
last February, we mapped out all of the best bakeries in Hollywood, and went on a Cupcake Tour. It was fabulous!

I have finally found a place to eat cake here. I admit, sometimes I plan excursions to the area JUST so I can eat their cake. My beloved husband brought me a box of these cupcakes just after giving birth to Wade. . . I mean, I LOVE these cupcakes.

Today, I planned a trip to the said area, JUST TO EAT CUPCAKES, and they were out. AGAIN! This is the second "trip" I have gone on to get Cupcakes and they were suddenly out. I am pretty sure there is some kind of conspiracy to keep me from eating their cupcakes. But, I will thwart their plans, and next TUESDAY, I will call the bakery at 9:00 a.m. and reserve said cupcakes until I come and pick them up at 4:30 when I am at speech therapy for Jaxon, and THEN AHHHHHHHHHHH THEN, WILL I EAT CUPCAKES!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


That is right America! Here we come! We are ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! Well, at least it seems like it anyway. What is with the huge influx of LDS (Mormon) people in Reality TV? Now we have David Archuleta: American Idol (cute as a bugs ear), Brooke White: American Idol, Zach Wilson: Dance Wars who just happens to be Julianne Hough's: Dancing with the Stars, former fiancé!!! If I watch any more reality TV, I am going to feel like I am at church. (Just kidding)

But really! I can't decide how I feel about it. In some ways, I appreciate the positive image and goodness that oozes from the screen when they are on, I mean, did you see them trying to make Zach "sexy" on Dance Wars? [ok, this is where I would admit that I love watching reality TV shows that have to do with dancing or singing.. I just can't help it,I watch them all] They did a whole 'package' on how they were trying to get him to be "sexy". It really was hilarious. He just had no idea how to be!

Then there was Marie Osmond all last season on DWTS, and of course the Mitt Romney Run. It just seems like we are more prevalent than ever! Can you remember a time when there have been so MANY mormons getting so much press?

At the same time, it sometimes seems strange that they are seeking fame and fortune the Hollywood way. I feel a little duplicitous about it. Anyone else? This is it people! State your opinions!!! Am I the only one who is on the fence?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


It has been a LONG while since I have had a Jaxon-ism. I am not sure why . . he is always funny, but sometimes I think it would either be too much to explain, or it is kind of an inside joke. Today, I guess the situation was perfect.

Jaxon came down with a fever this morning, and I decided to keep him home from school. He wasn't acting particularly sick, but his checks were the rosiest I have EVER seen.

My washing machine is broken, and so I took Jaxon and Wade to the laundro mat, which is as 'bout as much fun as having a hot poker in the eye. Anywho, he seemed fine enough, and other than dumping 6 quarters into a dryer that only takes two, he hung out, and ate lunch with me, etc.

We got home at about 2:00, and I decided I need to have a quiet time. So I put the kids to bed. Jaxon willingly went, which is not normal, but, since he had a fever, I figured it was pretty much par for the course.

At 4:00 I decided to wake him up. After all, his favorite show was on. (Cyberchase, PBS) I opened his door, and went to his bed to wake him up.

Me: Jaxon, don't you want to get up?
Jaxon: No, shut the door.
Me: Are you sure Jaxon?
Jaxon: Yes, SHUT THE DOOR!

I retreated, but left the door open, as I was certain he would come to his senses, and want to watch cyberchase. He KNOWS it is on about that time, and I had told him before 'quiet time' that he could watch it when he got up.

A few seconds later, I hear his feet hit the floor, and I smile to myself, thinking... I was right! WRONG! The door SLAMS shut! I open it again and say,

"Don't you want to get up?"

I guess I was convinced after that, and I left him alone. I went to get him again at 5:30, fearing he would be up all night if I didn't. The conversation went much the same way, but this time I interjected, "BUT, Don't you want to watch CYBERCHASE?" "Oh, yeah..." he said, and finally pulled himself out of bed. :)

For more Jaxonisms click on the 'Label' link below.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Abby's Ski Adventures

Here is some video of Abby Skiing today, and me, commentating.. She is doing great in skiing, so I just wanted to show you some progress. Just look at the view! I know the video is choppy, but I am skiing, and video taping, and it always makes for a challenge. Hopefully you don't lose your lunch while you are watching!

If you are concerned that my scream sounded like I was going to biff it, I didn't. But as soon as I saw my daughter tucking down the hill, I got a little nervous, and yelled at her to slow down! That sound you heard was the beginning of my YELP!

Splish Splash , , ,

Wade was into his BATH! Wade got a little crazy in the bath tonight. Be sure to watch for the duck. He was getting quite a ride!

Monster Truck Show Madness

In another profession of his love, my honey let me take the fam to the MONSTER TRUCK RALLY! If you have never been, you can't knock it. It is loads of fun, and entertaining in more ways than one! (Think people watching) We went with neighborhood friends, and had a great time. The MASTER OF DESTRUCTION was by FAR the best truck in the show, and just to prove it, I took a little video. At the end, when he was doing his little "spin" move, he was spraying dirt ALL OVER the people in the stands. It was hilarious to watch all of the people spring from their chairs, and try to avoid the flying dirt! Oh, and if you think the video is loud....just imagine how loud it is in person!

Tip Toe through the Tulips!

Thanks to my sweetie, I have been staring at these beautiful Tulips since last Thursday. They bring me happiness and joy each time I see them. Tulips are my favorite flower, and after you take a look at these pictures, I am sure you will see why! Thank you honey! I loved my flowers!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day is for LOVERS

Or, people who just want to get stuff off their chest! That is what category our little Abby falls into.

On Sunday, Abby went to put her Valentines Day cards together in her room. She took her list of classmates, and off she went. I though, WOW! This is great! I don't have to worry about this card thing one bit! This morning I decided that I better make sure she didn't skip anyone in her class or whatnot, so I decided to look through the letters . . .just to make sure. . .

It seems as if she took making her Valentines Day cards to another "level" by personalizing them. Maybe she personalized them just a little TOO much. I will let you be the judge. I snuck them off to the bathroom where Peter was brushing his teeth, and we snickered at a few of the "personalizations" that she made. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Happy Valentines Day!!!

SPECIAL NOTE: Kara, the one that says, "will you forgive me?" Is for Cade I have no idea what she did, but whatever it was, I am sorry too!?/!?!?

Amy: The one that says, "Now will you listen to me?" Is for Abby, I am not sure what that is about but it made me laugh.

MY PERSONAL FAVORITE: Wes and Abby Heartheads with Wes sticking out his tongue at Abby, and Abby's hearthead crying...

HONORABLE MENTION: Drew's Snazzy shoes, and Tanners GUN?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Weekend Revelry

We had some couples from our neighborhood over the other night. Kind of a multi-couple date night. We decided it would be fun to get together, eat, and play games. . . The food was FAB, and so was the company! Of course, as time moved on, the guys gravitated to the Wii for some Guitar Hero, and the girls got stuck at the kitchen table for some Mormon Mad Gab. It seemed like a natural progression, but after a while, we decided that they needed to step aside.

The girls sallied up and picked up their axes, and ROCKED OUT! Here is some proof!

Holly and Kara showed their stuff. Kara revealed a dark secret... she owned (maybe still does) as SCORPIONS CD!

After admitting that she doesn't like video games, Kara asked if she could come over after the kids are off to school and play Guitar Hero.

Heidi showed some talent, and actually went to the "medium" level during our play!

We had a great time! Thanks for coming, and having some fun with us! Lets to it again soon!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


I love baby feet.
I mean, it is a weird love.
That is the only way I know how to explain it. I think it is hereditary. My mom loves baby feet too.
I can't lay Wade on the changing table without giving his feet a little nibble. I think it has something to do with the little toes that look like mini-sausages?
Or, just the right amount of fat on their feet to make the tops of their feet bubble up in a way that would be disturbing as an adult (pregnancy feet anyone?) But for some reason, on a baby, it is adorable, and to me, just irresistible.

That is why the TRAGEDY was so horrific!


Do you see anything wrong with this picture?
Well, it is a cupboard, used mainly for kids cups and bowls. There is no child lock on it because, like I said, it is used mainly for kids cups and bowls. If you look closely, you may see some pyrex dishes on the top right side. However, there is one missing now. It ended up on the floor, shattered around Wade's precious feet!
I am not sure how it happened. I mean, those dishes are so heavy that sometimes they are even hard for me to move! It was a horrifying accident, one that could have ended much worse than it did, and for that I am grateful because I know that Heavenly Father watches over us. If I had not been standing right there when it happened he may have let go of the cupboard, and sat down, or tried to crawl through the shattered glass..
Even still, he could have had serious and deep cuts when the glass hit the floor and shattered...
We did have to pull a few little pieces of glass out of his little feet, but all in all, the only scratches he ended up with were these . . .
The ironic part? This ... was right behind it on the counter... CHILD LOCKS- WITH A DRILL!....

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Stewart Family Food!

For those of you who like to check out my website for food and recipe ideas, I have started a separate blog! I decided that I am going to put my whole cookbook on-line, and I have asked my sisters to do the same. My sisters have SWORN that they will add their favorite recipes, but just in case they don't, I have added some of my favorites that they have given me. I hope they do, because they are all amazing cooks. Even my super high power executive sister has SWORN that she will add recipes!

I hope so!

I hope you enjoy. I love to cook, and I am sure that will show. There are lots of different kinds of Yum, and I even added a recipe for some yummy popcorn I made over Christmas.

Stewart Family Food

I have also added a link to the website on the right where my recipe links used to be!

Monday, February 4, 2008

All Done!

Geez lady, why do I have to say it over and over and over and over . . .

Welcome to life with a 10 month old . . .

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Bread Baby

A Great Harvest Bread Co. recently opened in our area. The nearest one to us before the newest opening was over 20 minutes away, and in no particular area that we frequented. When I was in that area, I would stop and buy bread. At one point, Peter and I thought we could really use one in our part of town. We contacted the company, and went through some preliminary screening to open our own store, however, timing is everything, and it just wasn't the time for us to be bread dealers.

Our dream was shattered when we saw the storefront go up, but at least our dream of fresh bread was being answered. I have tried to bake bread in the past, and I have to admit, rolls were more my forte. The bread I made was OK, but just not something I would hand out to the neighbors. It was dry, or dense, or just, not awesome.

I stopped by the store, and picked up some honey wheat bread. It was sooooooooo good. We had toast, and made grilled cheese sandwiches, and I went back the next week to get some more, and noticed the price! $4 for a loaf of bread! To be honest, I have no idea how much bread is in the store. I usually get it at Costco, and I am pretty sure I am getting two loafs for around that same price. And these are super mondo loafs, that have far more servings that the little tinsy loafs at Great Harvest.

I started to wonder why it was I couldn't make great bread, and decided it was the recipes I have. I started to look through my stacks of cook books, and decided to try one out of my red and white check cookbook. I gave their traditional Whole Wheat Bread Recipe a whirl, and guess what??? I no longer have to visit Great Harvest Bread Co. for a fix of fresh bread! This recipe was great.

The SECRET? I found THAT in my Cooking Light cookbook. Hint: if you are using a glass bread dish (or dark metal), lower the oven temp by 25 degrees. HELLO! Could ANY OTHER COOKBOOK HAVE MENTIONED THAT AND HELPED ME OUT??? Now I have to go back and try those other recipes and make sure they weren't so bad!

One other tip: Undercook it. I under cooked my bread by about 10-15 mins according to the recipe. It was just the right amount of soft.....

Thai Peanut Sauce with Chicken

Ok, I have to admit. I have altered this recipe severely. But, it works for my family, and me and we love it. I am going to put down the recipe as I make it, NOT as it is written, because I would have to put far too many notes down for you to make sense of it!


In a small saucepan:

6 Tbls. water
1/4 Cup peanut butter
2 Tbls. brown sugar
2 Tbls. soy sauce
2 Tbls. rice vinegar
1 1/2 tsp. minced peeled fresh ginger
1 1/2 tsp. dark sesame oil
1/2 tsp. cornstarch
1/2 tsp chile paste with garlic (optional)
2 garlic cloves, minced

Heat on medium heat, and stir with a whisk. Bring mixture to a boil and cook for one minute. Turn heat to low and let sit.

Cut, and stir fry.

4 Chicken breasts, cut into bite sized pieces
2 Grated Carrots
1 Red Bell pepper, thinly sliced, or chopped
1 Cup frozen peas

4 servings of hot cooked noodles such as penne, bowties, spaghetti, or whatever else you want to try.

Stir-fry chicken until cooked through. Add grated carrots, chopped bell pepper and cook 2 minutes. Add Thai sauce and frozen peas. Cook until peas are cooked through. Add hot pasta and toss together. All of us love this dish.


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