Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Here is where I would put an adorable picture of my kids in their sooooooooooo cute Easter outfits. Didn't happen.


Because we have 9:00 a.m. church and I had to iron Jaxon's shirt before church and roll out 30 rolls for dinner at my mother-in-laws and find Easter Baskets (the Easter Bunny hid them so that Jaxon could not eat all the candy out of them before anyone else woke up--- consequently, he was the last one up) and eat Easter candy (and breakfast too) ALL BEFORE 9:00 a.m. Church! IMPOSSIBLE!

Why didn't we take one after church? Because Wade gets taken home the last hour of church because it is absolutely pointless to be in church unless you just want to socialize in the hall and when we all got home he was in bed anyway and Jaxon's shirt no longer looked ironed (it is linen, I am stupid) and we all wanted to get in 'comfy' clothes as soon as possible anyway.

Maybe next week. ;)

I will be in UTAH visiting my Mom... THEN you will see adorable Easter outfits on super cute kids . . . a week late.

If any of you UTAHNS want to get together, let me know! I would love to see you! Maybe we can eat Cake from Leslie's together, or maybe my sister will make THESE! Or, I can meet you at Tai Pan . . don't worry, I will blog about THAT later.


Jessica said...

I have the SAME plan.

Christie said...

Easter outfit pictures are overrated. Dress the kids up Thursday night and no one will know the difference.

calibosmom said...

I hear ya! We have 9am church too. Luckily all the kids were up by 7 itchin' to find their baskets. Happy Easter!


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