Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Low Down on Sugar

Well, it has been a week.

A week since I gave up sugar for 30 days.

I had a friend write me and ask where I have been since it has been three days since I posted.

I would like to say, I am in a lack-of-sugar coma.

But here is the thing.

I am NOT.

Actually, it hasn't been that bad!

Except for the few times I have forgotten.


Like yesterday when my daughter offered me a bite of her Tiger's Blood sno-cone and I said sure and took exactly ONE bite and then realized what I had done.

Or the time when Peter and I went out to dinner (I was doing a "secret shopping" mission-Really! I do those!) and we were required to eat a dessert and I felt morally obligated to take a bite so I could review the taste. (Ok, morally obligated is a stretch, but I did take one bite)

And I know there was one other time, but I can't think of it right now. Ok, maybe there wasn't.

But overall, not bad for a first week I think.

And let me tell you what it has done exactly.

By day 3, I was pretty much over it. And although I hate it when people say this, but a piece of fruit actually did cover it if I was having a craving. But, when you are eating NO SUGAR, a piece of fruit really does do the trick.

I cried a few more times this week than normal. I mean, what I am saying is I normally don't cry every week. But this week I cried a few times. I totally think it was because I was off my natural medication mood levitator (sugar).

Here is the other thing: Sugar has a best friend in my house, and that best friend is: BUTTER. Cuz see, I don't just down a bag of cookies, or eat a pop tart. (I don't keep that kinda stuff in the house) I BAKE. And baking requires BUTTER. Sometimes, LOTS OF BUTTER. So, consequently, my butter intake has decreased dramatically. And even more than that, making cookies turns into 3 (or 4) hunks of dough in my mouth plus one or two warm cookies. FAR MORE that the daily recommended amount, I am sure.

And then there is usually some form of chocolate in my house. Which there is not right now. (Due to this diet).

And I did have pancakes one or two days, but they are a whole wheat pancake that I make for my family that I LOVE. I love it because it is healthy for my family and the OTHER reason I love it is that I can make 10 cups of it and it sits in my fridge (in non-liquid form) and I can use it just like a pancake mix. Turns out, they are great with honey on them.. and honey is totally legit.

And if you are playing along, you read the original challenge that I took. She said no fake sugar, but let's face it I can only take one challenge at a time. So, I did not have any diet cokes at my house, but I did have them when I was eating out (sensibly).

The funny thing is: I dream about sugar. I totally dreamt about making chocolate chip cookies last night, and I know I had at least one other dream about sugar this week. Funny what your brain does.

Now, for some, a diet like this doesn't work, because they can't stand the deprivation of that item and it makes them all that much more upset or makes them crave it that much more. My husband for example, just lost 40 lbs. BY SHEER WILLPOWER. Just ate everything in moderation and counted calories. That is it. He didn't even work out. I have done that before, and yes, it totally works, but for some reason, I just couldn't do it this time. I had to take the bull by the horns and I know it is totally humanly possible to cut sugar out for 30 days.

It is not forever.

It is just 30 days.

And I know I can do that.

And maybe I will be more able to "control" myself in moderation after this.

I know most definitely, I will be healthier.

Because I lost 3 pounds this week.

YAY me.


Danika said...

Good for you! Congrats! I know a "no sugar" thing would never work for me.

calibosmom said...

I have been doing this exact thing and I've lost 5 lbs in 6 weeks. Its not melting off fast but its still working and I feel great. Keep it up!!

abbyandcompany said...

There's how I lost 18 pounds in 2 and a half months.

who loses 40 pounds without working out???

Good Luck..after a week it's a piece of cake. Not literally.


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