Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Stage Was Set

If you read down far enough on my last post, you would have noticed that it said, I AM GOING TO BE ON TV!

A few days ago I got an e-mail from a friend who said they needed someone to do a "try it" segment for a news story. She thought I would be good because I cook in front of people all the time for The Pampered Chef. She was right. I loved it! It gave me some aspirations of doing my own cooking show... But we all know THAT isn't going to happen!

It was still fun though, and I had all the intentions in the world of giving you the play by play in pictures.

Here is the immaculate kitchen. I am pretty sure my kitchen has NEVER been this clean since I have moved in. I when I say clean, I mean, with everything put away. I always have endless piles on my counters!

The stage was set. Everything in it's place.

Looks like it is that way all the time! Huh! NOT!

I did Kaylie's hair all pretty,

And of course she pulled it out before they even got here!
I wish you could have see the camera and the lights, but instead, you can just watch it! Friday, ABC at 10 pm!

PS- I had a VERY strong inclination to blog about DWTS last night. Boy, there was sooooooooooo much to say about that show! But, then I wonder if you guys get tired of my re-caps of TV shows I watch... so, let me know? Do you want my take on DWTS? ----------------> VOTE!

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Danika said...

Please put a link to your TV appearance after it happens. You know I don't stay up that late...

Oh yes, please post about DWTS! Your recaps are hilarious and this time I actually will know what you're talking about (unlike the Bachelor).

The Grant Family said...

DUH! Of course we want your take on DWTS!!!!

I want to hear more about the TV thing. Especially since I'm not in AZ to see it. Tell more! Very cool!

Leah said...

What???? That is the 20/20 time slot, right? Or is it local news???? How cool. You will be great. And yes, your kitchen is so clean. I'm a pile person too.

Arian said...

Hmm, I don't know if we'll be home by 10pm on Friday. And we got rid of DVR so you are definitely going to have to post a link to your 15 minutes of fame! What is it?! :)

Taeya said...

I second the comments about needing a link after it airs, and I would totally watch cooking by Lindsey!!! As for DWTS commentary...I enjoyed your commentary on the Bachelor more than watching the actual show!!!!

Shanakin Skywalker said...

If you figure out a way to stream the taped segment on your blog, I would love to see it! I bet that was fun.


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