Monday, September 21, 2009

Cracker Flacker

I bought a new cracker. . . I think it will remain nameless.

I told Abby to put one in her lunch.

She looked at me with fear in her eyes.

I said, "What's the problem?"

She said, "My friend had one and said they were DISGUSTING!" (Said with complete and total drama--nostrils flared)

I said, "Did you try it?"

She said, "No".

I said, "You have to try it, before you can say you don't like it"

She said, "NO!"

I opened one.

She protested more.

I threatened everything I could think of.

She still said no.

I giggled to myself thinking, "I can't believe this is this big of a deal?!?!?!"

But I couldn't lose the battle.

I was holding a quarter sized bite in my fingers that was causing severe emotional trauma.

It was rediculous.

She started to CRY! CRY?!?!?!??!!

I thought, "I can't believe this! She hasn't even TRIED IT!!!!"

I insisted.

I was mad.

She finally took the smallest tiniest ity bity bite. (While plugging her nose)

She was replused.


She was being rediculous.

I think she needs an Academy Award.

I think I need a straight jacket.


Leah said...

You can't tell a story like that without naming the grotesque cracker you were inflicting on your family! More details please. Was it cracker made of lima beans or something?!

The Grant Family said...

I'm've got to tell. What is this disgusting cracker???!!!???!!! When I was in elementary school the kids said the white milk tasted like puke so NO ONE got the white milk; we all got chocolate. I drank white milk all the time at home, but was somehow convinced that the white milk at school indeed tasted like vomit.
Now what was this disgusting cracker? Did you try it? Does it really taste gross? Do tell!!!

Anne said...

So, did you try it???

Lindsey said...

OF COURSE I TRIED IT! I TRIED IT BEFORE SHE DID! It is just fine, and it tastes just like a smaller version of the cracker from the same company! You guys are hilarious! It WAS NOT GROSS-- but I don't think I would pick it up for a snack. . But, she is a kid! :) AND the she has TOTALLY EATEN WITHOUT COMPLAINT THE SMALLER VERSION OF THIS CRACKER!

Melissa-Mc said...

I'm dying to know what kind of cracker it was.

jessica said...

That story cracks me up! I have had the very same conversation with my two drama queens!

Jessica said...

Way to win the power struggle!! That's a very important part of my stellar parenting, as well.

calibosmom said...

I have a drama queen too.


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