Friday, September 4, 2009

Cheery and Random

How about a more cheery post than the one before, mkay? Sorry about that. . . sometimes . . well, you know.

Anywho. . I am still dreadfully ill, but, moving on. . I got something CUTE IN THE MAIL!!! Remember this? Well, I got my GET CUTE NOW stuff in the mail, and it is FAR BETTER than I had hoped.

I got them for so cheap that I thought, just for a minute, maybe they are super tiny or something?? You know, sometimes deals just aren't what they seem. . But nope! They are fabulous and I LOVE them! I am so glad I spotted them because they were such a great deal, and although I still tote my diaper bag (even though it is super cute) for the most part, now, if I leave K home, I don't have to take my diaper bag!! YAY!

Here is me (during my sick days.. sorry, no make-up. Just keepin' it REAL ya'll!) toting the black bag and Abby toting the Green (almost was orange, but chose green at the last second) bag!

See how super serious of a model she is? Yeah. When I handed her the bag she said, is this one mine??? Hahahah.. Not on your life girlfriend! What she goes from 8 to 16in like point 2!

I love em! And you will be seeing alot of those purses if you see me around! If you got one, post and tell me which one! I hope you scored a great deal too!

In other news: Thank you to Kathy Ireland who has let all the world see her post baby body. . If you want a good idea of what mine looks like, here you go.

That is pretty much my gut in a nut shell. Ugh. To make me even a little more crazy, my hubby is losing weight. I hate that. (Good for you honey, really, I mean it. And you are NOT going to catch me. . even though I say you might) I really need to do something now... . I think I might have to post a before pick on here with measurements and blog about it every week, because I am just not feelin' the motivation to work out. I think I might need a little encouragement from blog land.

In other big news: Kaylin is getting one of these:

Why you might ask? She needs one. Remember when I asked if anyone knew anything about Torticollis? (Was that just on the FB?) Anyway, she had it. I think I worked through it pretty well for the most part, but, there are some head shape issues. The Dr. who fits babies for this asked me how severe I thought it was on a scale from 1-5. I said a 3. After measuring her head, he said, "Well, I would say on scale from 1-5, she is about a 3. . . " [Cheater] Anywho. It is purely cosmetic. And you might say, THAT IS CRUEL! And to you I would say, This baby has an 99.9% chance that she will be over 6'1" tall. She needs to have a nice head shape and no other abnormalities... trust me. (currently she is sporting a nice sloped forehead b/c of the torticollis, and although it is slight, and mostly hidden by her hair, I don't want to take any chances.) Besides, she is dangerously close to learning how to crawl, so, she could use a little extra head padding, don't cha think?

Oh, this blog post is so fun! Are you bored to tears yet? You are probably only still reading if you know me personally... Thank you.

Last bit of news: Wade is getting tubes and an adenoidectomy next Friday. YIPPEE! I say that with all sincerity because he has already had 4 ear infections since ONE of his tubes has fallen out and we are on our way into fall. . . after which Peter has promised to snip all of his binki's off. Stay tuned for that fun week.

Did I mention we have ROCKIN' health insurance??? SERIOUSLY ROCKIN! I am on my way into checking about my varicose veins, Peter's vasectomy and a possible tummy tuck for me. . . I am sure I can find some medical reason for it! :)


MomBabe said...

Taking the adenoids out made a HUGE difference for us. HUGE. In fact, I don't think we've had a single ear infection SINCE then, which is nice, considering we were having them pretty much constantly before.

Anne said...

Add bladder lift to that list...what mom doesn't need that? I can jump on a trampoline!!!

Taeya said...

Thanks for posting the picture of Kathy Ireland, that is an "inspiration" to me for sure. As for the sleep deprivation...what was I writing?!?

calibosmom said...

Your randomness cracks me up! From bag deals and celebrity muffin tops to tubes and vasectomy's. It's always fun visiting Tall Tales Lindsey! I need to get in shape too so please blog about it!

Melissa-Mc said...

I had a son who had 4 sets up tubes. Getting the adenoids out helps. That is great you have good health insurance.

The Grant Family said...

I couldn't even begin to start exercising and losing weight until my baby started sleeping through the night. Then once she did I gave myself a few recovery sleep months and then I started working out. You can do it! (just not until you get healthy and get some sleep!)

jessica said...

Well I love cheery and random! The purses are fab and I almost bought the green one too! But I really want a purple one more so I am holding out.

Oh and you never mentioned the torticollis in blogland. Now I have to go read up on that...

Tina said...

I LOVED this post! I need to be much more random. And I LOVE the purses! That has become one of my favorite things all of a sudden. I was on a serious hunt for a purple one. Not very successful unless I wanted to pay a gazillion bucks...I will check out that site!
Thanks for the smiles as always

Natalie said...

ANd this is why i love you. Sick and still happy. Random and delightful. You managed (of course!) to tie a celebrity into your post and it was totally fun and educational. You're great!

Tammy said...

I read it all, and I wasn't bored to tears. Sounds like fun! I love the purses! Hope you get feeling better.

abbyandcompany said...

if you figure out how to manipulate the I.C. into providing a boobie pass the word.

Lindsay said...

Hey, those helmets work, my nephew had one and he has a great head now. Just tell everyone you're already training her to ride a bike without the training wheels, that ought to throw them off!


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