Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Her life is a STAGE

We were going to Costco tonight... Good way to burn up some time on nights that the husband works late. . .

Upon arrival, Abby announced that she and Jaxon would be setting up their "stage" and doing performances while they were at Costco.

Me: Um, no Abby. . we need to get our shopping done and I can't leave you there.

Abby: Mom, why doesn't anyone ever give us money when we perform?

Me: Well, the people who set up and perform on streets are usually professionals. . . and they just do set up on streets to make extra money.

Abby: So, you are saying we aren't good enough ?!?!?! (Darn, she is perceptive)

Me: *crickets*

So how would you answer YOUR budding actress without snuffing out all of her hopes and dreams of putting on performances for money? I have not doubt, that someday, Abby will INDEED put her dramatic and artistic flare to good use FOR MONEY. . . but for now. . honestly. I am stumped.


Lindsey said...

Looks like she stumped all you too!

Leah said...

Good question. I don't know what I'd say! But maybe the fact that there is a difference between a hobby and work. We do our hobbies for free because we just love them so much. Like her friends that play soccer or dance or her cousins that do plays. But if she auditions for a movie or the theater some day and gets hired, there might be a paycheck involved. I don't know????

Natalie said...

i have the same dilema with crayton. he's always wanting to sell his talents and services. door to door. lucky for me, i can usually talk him out of it, for safety sake, of course...

good luck.


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