Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Have you met Jessica?

This picture was totally stolen from her blog. Mkay?

She posts comments on my blog from time to time. Ok, like every time I post a post. . she makes a comment. It makes for a LOVE/LOVE relationship. . She is amazing. She has two girls and is an adoptive parent to one stinkin' cute boy named little-c. Well, that is just what they call him anyway. She has got some serious ambition, and I love her. . . Want proof?

This is me, at like, MIDNIGHT, at her house this summer. We were watching SYTYCD (see her on her couch?) And she let my hairdresser come over (HI WHITNEY! --Cute blonde girl) and cut like, 5 inches off my head in her kitchen. . NOW THAT IS LOVE.

I tried to make it up to her though, because I brought her my favorite cup cakes from THIS bakery in her home town/my old home town.

Looking at this picture makes me instantly hungry and makes me crave cupcakes. . NOW. Sad. I am like a Pavlovian dog. . . trained to respond to cupcakes. Anywho...

Back to Jessica. .

Ambitious.. . That is what I was saying. . and awesome. . and author. . You can check it out here. Say hello, and tell her she is great. . Because she is. :)


Natalie said...

she is indeed!

jessica said...


Seriously...I love you too, thanks for the love.

Oh and just the thought of those cupcakes are making me soooooo hungry!

And...I am already in love with this season of SYTYCD. Gotta love Wed nights and Adam Shankman!

calibosmom said...

Jessica is one cool chic!!!

Melissa-Mc said...

I love Jessica too! I feel like I know your old ward in WA and all the wonderful people there.

Ilene said...

I love and adore Jessica too. I think it was through her that I found you (or you found me. Whatevs).


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