Saturday, September 12, 2009

Things I LIke

There were so many things that I liked around the blogosphere this week... I usually post them because I want you to get in on "the deal" too. But this week, it wasn't as much about the "deal" as it was about the stuff! I like that too. So, I think from time to time, I am going to do a 'Round the Blogosphere' post. Except, I need a catchier phrase. . . ANYONE? ANYONE? No, ok. . . Moving on.

Ever wanted to know how to do a smokey eye? I wanted to! And got a play by play with pix here: SMOKEY EYE. I tried it. . and I think I would have looked JUST LIKE HER except that I don't have that cool eye shape and have WAY TOO MUCH SKIN ON MY EYELID! (Thanks Dad) Just add that to the plastic surgery bill. . .

I was reminded of a great book that I LOVE and now I want to buy it for Abby, Jacko too. I think they would BOTH dig it. I did when I was a kid. . COOL BOOK.

Ok, So, I DID do a little on-line shopping. . Ugh. I am such a sucker... and if you are wondering where I get the $$$ for this stuff, I EBAY! I heart selling stuff on Ebay. . . Oh back to the purchase: CHEAPO EARRINGS What a deal huh? I found a few cute pairs. . .

Here is a fun way to decorate! I love decorating. I wouldn't say I am a pro at it, but I sure do like to think about it! Even if it is not my house! Here is a great idea and a tutorial to go along with it! :) IDEA: TUTORIAL: I LOVE a good decorating idea!

Some girlies in my old ward started a blog about freezer meals. It has been on my mind lately, yours too? Unfortunately, I don't have room in my freezer for ANYTHING. (Because of all my coupon-ing) BUT, if I did, I would totally try out some of their ideas. . . Lately, I would have really liked coming home to a home cooked meal that I didn't cook that day. . . ? Anywho, it is HERE: FREEZER MEALS.

And for ONE thing I DiD NOT like. . . Ed and Jill on Ellen. I haven't watched the Ellen show in forever, and for some reason, my tivo picked up an episode last week and Ed and Jill were on "defending their love". . Blech. She was acting weird and not touching him (her body language was speaking VOLUMES) and he sounded. . Stupid. Ed, if I ever said I was rooting for you, I now apologize for being soooo wrong about you.

Oh, I also like it when people read books that I might want to read, but then, give me a synopsis, so I don't have to read it. ;) Book on
Homework and Kids
. Thanks D-Dawg!

And then, there is Natalie. She doesn't post very often, but when she does, you are in for an "experience". We met in "blogland" and she blog stalked me for a while (I have a lot of those... NAME YOURSELF!) then, we met in TRUE LIFE when she saw me at a fundraiser for Nie Nie! (Can you believe that was a year ago Nat? We need to get together!) Anywho.. I just so WHOLEHEARTEDLY loved reading her last two posts... Just loved. Kisses Nat. You are a good mom.

That's it for now! Enjoy my slice of the blogosphere!


jessica said...

So now I'm off for the Smokey Eye tutorial and more decorating ideas...Thanks!

Oh and I so love Nat too!

Andrea said...

o.k. I blog stalk. I didn't know it was a crime until I talked with Peter at work and confessed to loving your blog :) It reminds me of a life long ago. So, yeah, my name is Andrea, I work with Peter and *sigh* I stalk. Still, thanks for the little slice of life that I miss so much some times!

Natalie said...

um...that made me want to cry. i made a list. a real life list. i love you lindsey and we do need to get together...soon. i'd love to go to utah and visit w/jessica. do you think we could swing it? it's a stretch i know but wouldn't it be fun?...


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