Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dear Donny Osmond . . .

Picture via abc.com -- Example of Donny pulling a "face"... but not nearly as bad as last night.

So, we all watched DWTS last night right? (If you do not know what that acronym stands for, you have no business reading this post. Mkay?)

And I just have a few things to say.

Dear Donny,

PLEASE lay off on the facial expressions. They weren't . . how should I say this. . good. They didn't look. . um. . se*y. They looked WEIRD. Like old man and bad plastic surgery weird. . .Like the over bite deacon shuffle weird. Just stop. Ok? Thanks.

Dear Tom,

You being on the show is creepy. YOU are creepy. Please stop. To your partner Cheryl. . You can't win every year, so, please, stop looking so pained to have Tom be your partner, even though he IS creepy.

Dear Ashley,

I know your dad was on the show. I know who he is, but who are you. Seriously. Have you EVER been on TV before this? I know this is very much a "D" list show. . But what are you? Like K? M?

Dear Chuck,

You are scary. Even when they try to make you look nice. You still look scary.

Dear Louie,

Len took the words right out of my mouth. . Hobbit Head.

Dear Maksim,

You looked like a sad, kicked puppy last night, and you were only on TV for 5 minutes. Do you and Cheryl need to hang out in the sad face Dept?

Dear Karina,

I know you just broke up with Maks, but do you have to look so HAPPY? I am sure you guys broke up because of your mis-matched desires to start a family because your career is so *HOT* right now (look, I just know these things) and I have one thing to say to you. . . Jennifer Aniston.

Signing off.


Leah said...

HA larious! I enjoyed that and I even missed the show last night! I'll have to tune in.

Leah said...

Speaking of Jennifer Anitston... is it just me or is her personality a little flat or is it just that she has her walls up all the time? There's something about her that is not very real or closed up or something.

Danika said...

I'm so excited that DWTS has started again....I am a die-hard fan! I can't wait to see the ladies tonight.

The Grant Family said...

You are a riot! Great comments...well said :)

Linsey said...

Seriously, his face...ANNOYING!! I'm so excited for a new season of DWTS and all your other favorite shows because reading your comments almost makes me feel like we're watching together.

jessica said...

I can't believe I missed that!!! I was too busy redoing my upstairs bonus room. I will NOT miss next week!

Thanks to you I know what happened anyways...

Heidi said...

If Donny can tone it down a little and work on technique. I think he will do well for a guy his age. He is an entertainer and obviously the fans loved him.

calibosmom said...

Oh man! I am going to have to watch it now! Sweet!

Natalie said...

okay, i don't really watch that show but i was laughing so hard at this post. i needed a good laugh at the end of this not so funny day:)!

Jeanelle said...

Oh I almost spewed my water right out of my mouth when I read the first part about Donny because I specifically noticed his weird facial expressions on Monday night. I didn't get to watch much of it so if they haven't yet told him to rein it in, they will before the season is over. And I hope he wins. I heart Donny.

Jill said...

You are hilarious. Now I'm dying to watch it...I still have episodes sitting on my DVR...I don't even know if I've missed one or two or what!

hollybygolly said...

Maybe if your childhood had centered around 8 pm Friday night to watch The D & M show you would be more forgiving! Your post was hilarious and I was SO happy to see Ashley depart, but please...the weirdest ever was yet to come with Macy whoever. I missed the beginning of that night but she looked tortured the whole results show and totally relieved to leave.


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