Monday, September 28, 2009


I have made a goal. . .


I don't make many. . because they are endlessly and seamlessly dashed by the 4 people who REALLY run this household, and out of the 4, NONE of them are me.

Anywho. .

Back to my goal.

I am going vegetarian. . .JUST KIDDING! I had to put that in the same line to save your health from falling off your chair in dis-belief. Yeah, you're right. I would never do such a thing.

But I want to.

Like once (maybe twice) a week?


I don't have Veggie recipes.

I have a *few*

But what are your favs?

Please e-mail. Send links. Comment. What ever you do. DO IT. Cuz, I want one goal I can keep


I think


Here is what I made that was Veggie tonight. My kids smashed it down FAST! Musta been good. TONIGHT'S VEGGIE DINNER VIA EVERYDAY FOOD VIA MY FAMILY FOOD BLOG.


Taralyn said...

Amazing Woman and a great Vegetarian recipe blog!! Hope you enjoy

Leah said...

Did you know my husband has been a vegetarian for like 2 years now? It was a shock when it happened. He didn't even taste meat for one year. Now he eats chicken or fish like once a week. According to Costco magazine that's called being a "flexitarian". So I guess that's what you are! Anyway, I cook vegetarian all the time. But I'm not a pro cook like you. I have some recipes, but they are so fast and easy you probably wouldn't even try them! My main tip: sub the morningstar veggie sausage patties from Costco for meat (they just need warmed up...not cooked too much or they get too mushy). Eat lots of beans. Don't eat Boca burgers...they are gross. Gardenburgers are better. The veggie meal we eat a lot is the chili cheese rice bake with Nally's Vegetarian Chili. Gook luck! PS My husband's rear end disappeared when he started going veggie!

Elizabeth Brooks said...

I’m a lurker .. but I have a veggie recipe that is a hit (well it’s tolerated) by my fam. You brown some onion/shallot/capsicum and mushrooms in a frypan. Then add 1 cup of cream. Them add cooked pasta and serve it with some grated cheese...... It rocks (but probably won’t help your bottom disappear!)
See you

Anne said...

Lindsey, I did this same thing about a year ago and it is great! I don't believe in cutting out entire food groups, but I do believe in "eating meat sparingly." so I feed my family two meatless meals to every one meat meal. It takes about twice as long to get through our meatless meals before we get through with those that have meat, but I am adding to my recipe list slowly. I'll email you some of our favorites. Good luck! I really do think it has been good for us!

Hillary said...

Oh boy...I will find some more veg recipies to post soon! We go veg a couple times a week always!

Natalie said...

mac n cheese.

liz said...

I love zuccini bisque. penne with roasted veggies and a creamy or tom sauce- baked? mmmm. veggie lasagna. veggie burgers. breakfast for dinner pancakes or waffles with pb and syrup. lentil or potato soup and bread/ salad. PB noodles (lindsey johnson has a good recipe on her blog) and most any thai recipe would give you much flavor without meat. Also Indian food is good that way.

I went on no red meat for 5 years and felt great. One day I will tr it again.


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