Sunday, March 30, 2008


You know how when you find out that Aunt Vernie love to crochet and you also love to crochet, so you feel some kind of connection with that... like you may have some how inherited a gene that loves crocheting? Well, I have been racking my brain all morning about the word that describes it when you inherit a trait from a family member. I can't think of a better word than the one I came up with, but it seems as if there IS one out there (it is just not coming to MY mind)

Anyway, I love these kinds of moments that connect you with your past, or history because things become so much more clear. . .

I am sure many of you have one of these on your counter top.
Well, I do too, and this just happens to be my mom's because I am at their house this weekend. I enjoy cooking and believe I definitely got that "gene" from my mom, but this morning there was an AGE OLD mystery that my husband has been trying to figure out since we got married and that is. . . WHY DO I USE STEAK KNIFES FOR EVERYTHING??? If there is something to be cut, trimmed, stabbed, diced, sliced, or whathaveyou, I use a BELOVED steak knife.

I was pretty sure it was just because they are sitting their on the kitchen counter top and they are easy to grab. But then I realized that the entire knife block is sitting there... so why not just use the appropriate tool for the job? Maybe it is because I have a "gene" that tells me I just need to use the steak knife.

This morning, I found this in my mom's kitchen, and it wasn't there because we had chicken fried steak for breakfast.

We had cereal, toast, cream cheese eggs, and orange slices. What do you think the steak knife was used for? I'll tell you.. it was used for cutting the cream cheese . . oh, and in my parents defense, I also used it to cut an orange.


Peter said...

She also uses it to butter her toast.

You can safely bet that by 5pm each night there is not a clean steak knife in the house!

calibosmom said...

My parents hum, I hum, and two out of my three kids hum. You do not want to be in the car with us-its like a hive of buzzing bees.

Lindsay said...

I use steak knives for everything too. I went to visit my sister and she only has like 2, I quickly was useless in the kitchen without more!

Kara said...

Guilty too! I've even had to buy a few extras because by the end of the day I've used all the ones in the knife block.

Tate Family said...

OK, I haven't invested in a good set of steak knives, but Cutco makes this most amazing 5 inch trimmer and it is the ONE knife I use for everything. I use it, wash it, use it, wash it, use it again. I don't even need the entire set of knives--just a set of trimmers!


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