Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spring a dinga ding dong!

I don't care what anyone says. March 1st, is the beginning of Spring. At least it is in my head anyway. So, out comes the SPRING decor. I don't have a ton of Holiday Decor, but I always have DOOR DECOR. (Little known fact: I used to have a business called Lindsey's Door Decor, and I would sell floral arrangements that I made on-line. It didn't last long, my best clients were my neighbors!) Anyway, I should have done something along the lines of Stie's amazing cake decorating blog to demonstrate, but, I didn't think of sharing it until I was all done.

I will share that MICHAELS HAS ALL OF THEIR SPRING STEMS ON SALE FOR 40% OFF! So: if you want to make it, or something like it, here is the list of supplies.

1 Berry Birds Nest Spray: On sale for $1.79
1 Green Berry Garland (It is right next to the birds' nest) On Sale: $5.99
1 Green and White Hydrangea Bush Stem: On Sale: 5.99
1 Green Wired Ribbon (Choose the one you like) Not on Sale: 3.99
1 Grapevine Wreath

(I am not sure how much the grapevines are, but you can use your 40 % off Michaels Coupon, or did you know they will accept Joanne's 40% coupon?) Anyway, I just had one on hand, and ripped all of the old and faded decorations off of it, and used it.)

1: Get green craft wire, and fasten the garland to the wreath.
2: Take some wire snips to your hydrangea bush, and snip off the flowers leaving a 3 inch stem.
3: Jam them into the grapevine wreath. They will stay, you don't need wire.
4: Do the same to the Bird's nest spray.
5: Wrap your ribbon around the wreath, and tie a bow! (I tied two) and VOILA! You are done.

If you want to take a closer look, click on the pic!


Christie said...

That looks harder than any cake I've ever made. Way, way cute. Too bad you don't live close to me. I would make you give me one.

Paige said...

That is adorable. Please show more. Then post the price, and resurrect your business, because I don't make, I buy. And I'd totally buy that.

gab said...

Thanks for stopping by! I loved reading your blog....especially the posts about Jaxson. My oldest has Asperger I know about life on your planet.

Cute cute wreath, too!

abbyandcompany said...

It's adorable. But I wouldn't waste any energy making it b/c nothing can perk up the pumpkin house!

Jessica said...

Yeah, I just want to know if Michaels FULLY MADE stuff is on sale.

Elizabeth Caldwell said...

So if a completley non crafty person wanted to purchase something what would it cost???

An earlier comment says you are mom to an aspie? Me too. ADHD and Aspie. Life is always an adventure!


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