Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Calling All Fashion Mavens

I AM NOT A FASHION MAVEN- Lets just get that out there at the beginning. I am 6'2" (Hence all of the "long leg" comments on my New Name blog)tall and wear a size 12 shoe thanks to my last pregnancy. (Beat you Jessica) Believe it or not, it is next to impossible to find clothes that are LONG ENOUGH to fit me. I know, I know... you say, well, SUPERMODELS are TALL! Yeah, well, they are a sample size 8 (I have never been smaller than a 12 or 14, and I think I was 12 or 14 at that time) not to mention I am now much older and have had three kids... You do the math, I am not a 12 or 14 anymore. . . ANYWAY, I try to look 'cute', but have a serious "Mommy" wardrobe. There is nothing I hate more than getting a jellied hand to the shirt when that shirt cost more than $30, so, I just don't get shirts over $30. I love it when I am wearing a perfectly cute sweatshirt from Target and I get a compliment on it . . knowing that I did not spend over $12 on it.

Honestly, I am ok with that. Not that I wouldn't want to lose a couple lbs. or that I would love to be a smaller more "easy to find size" but in actuality, it saves me a wholelottadough to not be a designer size. Therefore, I am never tempted to buy designer clothes. (not that I would be anyway-based on the above statement)

This would lead me to my latest dilemma. A juice filled purse. While I was at the Dr.'s office yesterday with my son who is going to get tubes in his hears, his sippy cup leaked all over my purse. This is not the first catastrophe this purse has endured and the spring/summer season is upon us, so I ventured to target today to find another one. I found a few!!!! The problem is I can't decide. So, I decided to ask my readers... which one do YOU like the best?

I know a few of you are very fashion conscious. (Wow, Stie, a product review?? And then of course Paige's fab girly dresses. I am sure there are more of you out there and if you can stomach a purse that is not over $30, you can vote!

I am seriously into this green color right now.

This is cuter in person, but I liked having lots of different colors. Too buzy?

Simple, and cute, but get too dirty? I don't know.


Anne said...

I vote green. But I have absolutely NO fashion sense. so perhaps you should just remove green from the table with my vote? good luck!

Mique (as in M-i-c-k-e-y) said...

Hi Lindsey-
Thanks for the comments on my blog. Love Gabi. Anyone sent from her has to be great! :)
I'd love to write more about the whole "a word" (that's what we call it in our house). Here's my email address: provost_mique (at) hotmail (dot)com. My J got diagnosed 5 years ago and it's been a long road. Better in some ways than expected but way harder too. He falls somewhere in the middle- not high functioning, not severe. But still pretty limited in speech and social aspects.
As for church, we have FINALLY gotten a good thing going. For years it was a HUGE struggle (can not emphasis that enough). It would make me a little crazy when I'd hear other people's reasons not to be at church and were trying SO hard just to be there. For 3 hours. But I'm working hard on not be ing judgemental so.....(I guess I have more work to do, huh?). We now have a "helper" who is assigned to Jonathan. JJ sits with us for sacrament (obviously) and then his helper goes to Primary with him. I just got called to be in the presidency (which is a whole nother story). But it seems to be ok now.
Ok I really could keep going and going and going. Email me and I can tell you more.
Sorry for the way LONG comment from a complete stranger. I'd love to chat!

Mique (as in M-i-c-k-e-y) said...

P.s. My vote is for green too!

HILLARY said...

Hi! I'm here via Jessica R.
I LOVE bags! I love all 3 choices. Are they really from Target. Cause I am So there if they are! My favorite is the multi one. Very springy. I hope they're all under $20, cause I don't spend more than that, (unless it's REALLY REALLY cute. Then maybe 25) That way I can have MORE!!! Of course it helps that I'm done with sippy's. They last a little longer!
See you soon!

Christie said...

Why must we pick? Can't we get all three and switch off every few days? That's my vote.

But if I must choose only one, then I'd go green. Very spring and very cute.

Not quite the Bradys said...

I like the green the best but the trouble with green is that shades of green go out of style every single year. Chances are next year there won't be any clothes that match it. If you, like I, never get new clothes, then get the green. Otherwise, I'd go with the brown.

calibosmom said...

Green is my pick. I have also been to Target to shop for bags and I really want the beautiful big ones they have right now but I'm too cheap-I can't even spend $40 on myself for a much needed church bag. What's a mom to do? If you buy one, I'll buy one!

Not quite the Bradys said...

6'2"?! (And I thought I was tall.- 5'10") In that case, I think you should go with "Tall Tales from Lindsey's Life"- or something along those lines. Oh my gosh!!! LOL! Monster Truck just walked up to me with a wet pull-up in has hand and said, "Look. This is wet. SMELL it." AS. IF. Anyway, I am guessing you moved? All the way across the country? Good luck naming the blog.

Not quite the Bradys said...

I thought you moved because I was sure you were my Washington state reader, and then the other day, someone that I thought was you came to my blog from North Carolina. I'm glad you didn't move. 1- because if you stay in the NW, I might eventually bump into you, and 2- because I don't know why anyone would want to live in North Carolina. : )

Jessica said...

Green. I'm getting one, too. Then we can be matchies at Rockwood bakery.

gab said...

You are over six feet!? Remind me never to stand next to you...I will look like a donut.


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