Friday, March 7, 2008


It has been a pretty tough week. Wade has been sick for an entire week now -- on Monday, was diagnosed with a double ear infection. SOOOOOOOOOO fun. This is his 7 or 8th ear infection, so soon, we will be getting him TUBES, and hopefully that will make me and him quite a bit happier.

Due to his illness, I have been pretty much bound to the house going a little stir crazy and baking WAY TOO MUCH! It is the only thing that I can do without moving about the house too much so that Wade can hold on to my pant let whilst I am doing it. So, you know, you have to make sacrifices! (Like baking cupcakes, M&M Cookies, and fresh bread)

Anywho, today, it is sunny. The sky is blue, and when I walked Jaxon to the bus stop for school I noticed something Yellow. . .
a Crocus . .coming up in my yard!!!

I took a few moments outside to enjoy the fruits of my labor and trim some bushes and snap a few pix of my cutie crocuses. Unfortunately, I had my little "helper" with me who was displacing fist fulls of bark, eating rocks, and then grabbed my camera and started crawling on the ground with it in his hand-- scraping in along the ground as he went. (thanks Wade)

That was a short visit to the out of doors. But NOT the end of enjoying YELLOW! Because of the arrival of SPRING I have taken the time to do some spring decorating and have changed out the flowers in my vases to include the beautiful Yellow Forsythia (my favorite spring bush). Now, I know that Nate Burkus DOES NOT CONDONE FAKE FLOWERS IN A HOME. But I don't have Oprah's budget, so here they are, and I think they look GREAT!

I mentioned a while back that I had painted my laundry room. Well, I painted it YELLOW . .
It makes me just as 'bout as happy as a laundry room can make me, and so do THESE . . . HELLO LOVER!!!

I inherited these from my mother-in-law because I begged and because they were sitting in a home that she is trying to sell and because my washing machine broke (how convenient). Of course, once I put them in my laundry room, I had to spruce up my laundry room so the washer and dryer had home as beautiful as they are.

SO, that is my ODE to YELLOW. . and here is my ODE TO UNFINISHED PROJECTS . . (more on that later)


abbyandcompany said...

I was wondering what you were doing walking around your house this morning! That's right-I saw ya.I'm loving your painting skills like mad.

gab said...

We painted our entry hall and dining room yellow and I love it! And I have the same washer and them too!

Natalie said...

ooo, a good yellow is so hard to find but you nailed it. Love it!


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