Sunday, March 2, 2008

Things I Never Thought I Would Hear Jaxon Say

. . ."Mom, can you do my hair? It is messy." That is just one of the things I never thought I would hear Jaxon say. I mean, do ANY boys ask to have their hair done? Believe me, it is next to impossible to know what is going on in that kids head, and then to hear he is concerned about his appearance is hilarious!

We went to our new ward today. Well, kind of. Wade has started walking pretty much full time now which makes church . . well, . . . pointless. There was another woman in the hall whose daughter was also busy, and crawling up and down the stairs. She said to me, "Oh, they look like they are about the same age!" I look at her small, tiny, petite little girl, and think . . .yeah, she could be about 11 months old . . maybe 10 months old. Wade looked like a complete giant next to her. I said, "Yeah, how old is she?" She said, "14 months." 14 months!!! She is on the fast track to nursery!!! I have 7 LOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG months with my walkingat11monthsoldson until nursery. Trust me, I will be counting down the days!

Wade is turning one soon. I am trying to be a 'good mom' and have his one year old picture snapped. Why does THIS always happen RIGHT BEFORE you get pictures taken! I guess those pictures will have to wait a bit. :)


Elizabeth Caldwell said...

I vote you go ahead with the pictures. I was reading an article recently about parents who choose to have their kids school photos airbrushed/retouched. Im my opinion shots of those bumps, bruises, braces and pimples in our phots help us to put real problems in perspective.

just my opinion though - because there is rarely a good picture of me.

Jessica said...

I'll just keeping sneaking out of choir, while you are walking Wade, so we can talk in REAL life!


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