Saturday, November 15, 2008


I was in my husband's office the other day... meaning, the room in our house in which his stuff is, and he had my blog up on his screen. He checks my blog often... he likes to read all of the comments.. He even has made a comment of his own. I bet you can't guess his comment name.....hmmm???? He always gives me feedback on my blog and tells me if he thinks I have gone a little "over the top", WHO? ME???? UnHeARD oF! (the nerve) . Anywho, I am getting sidetracked here. (I have been thinking about giving him publishing rights.. BAD Idea? Or good Idea?)

When I was looking over his shoulder I saw on my blog the babycam/gadget whatever and it said, 80 days..... 80 DAYS??? Here, all this time on MY computer it has been counting UP in weeks! (Such a sly way of coming about a baby--- But countin' it down baby.. ain't so sly) I felt a sudden surge of panic as I thought about how very little "girl" material I have in the baby department. Abby is 7!! Was I really supposed to keep her baby clothes for 7 YEARS? (My husband answers, YES, to this question) Anywho... I am feelin' a little desperate. I mean, the Holidays are upon me we have one set of parents coming in for Thanksgiving (does anyone else wonder where the last turkey's beak is?) and another set coming for Christmas... not to mention the hoopla just to get ready for those holidays and then there is that other wee tiny fact that we have been outta work... what's a girl to do? I better get my act together, or she might have to go nekkid or wrapped in a BLUE blanket until I can get a grip after the holidays. Oy!


Pineapple Princess said...

Time really flies when you are talking about turkey beaks and baby-carrying storks! Take a deep breath and enjoy every moment this time of year has to offer.

jessica said...

First of all...the cabinet in my bathroom is the same one I had before, I just painted it black and roughed it up.

Back to the baby...oh I wish you were here, I would totally throw you the best baby shower ever or at least tie it with Jessica's. If you e-mail me your address I could send you all of the baby girl stuff I have. My sister had a boy and that's what we're planning on getting so...I'm very serious.
aricta at webband dot com It will be like a baby shower in a box!

Justin Timberlake said...

That is so awesome that the baby will be here soon! I am STOKED!

When were you planning on telling your husband?

Natalie said...

Oh're so funny. Lindsey, I feel a lot of anxiety for you. That post made me have an ulcer. How do you do it? I am a total wreck when I am pregnant under "normal" circumstances. What a woman you are. Thanks for always being so delightful!

Melissa-Mc said...

Luckily girls still look really cute in blue. You're getting close.

abbyandcompany said...

One word:

Value village. (oops, that's two)

Also known as SAVERS in your neck of the woods.

Julianne said...

I gave Richard publishing rights and he hasn't even tried it once?? I guess the trick for me will be to motivate him to participate in this endeavor.

I had a similar situation with the five years between my girls, it is tough to save stuff that long. I somehow managed to pull through and Frances was clothed (and not in all blue). Good luck!

That is exciting she will be here soon!

Tina said...

She is going to be here before you know it! Make sure and take the parents out shopping. They will be more than happy to buys some cute little pink things. (hopefully right?)
I love to shop, but I have been banned from going into a store unless my hubby is with me. I am too dangerous on my own...I have 4 daugthers. OY!
Good luck, but I know you will be fine. You are one awesome chica!

The Grant Family said...

Okay, so I actually did save all my girl clothes.....and my daughter is now 8. I've pulled them out and while there are a few classics, most of them are going to DI. I think the style back then was wider....balloonier....not so cute now. I put my daughter in one outfit and my husband kindly requested that I "please, please, never dress her in that again." Luckily I got some great deals on some highly discounted items at Old Navy. Now we're stylin'!

gab said...

Even with hand-me-downs...I like NEW clothes for a NEW baby. Don't worry! Everyone likes to shop for a baby girl. She'll have more clothes than the rest of the family!


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