Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Today, it rained . . . .

By the way my kids acted, you would think they had never seen it before! It has rained in PHX since we moved here, but it was back in August, and, they weren't so far removed from rain because we had just moved here in June and before our move, rain was a part of our regular living.

They loved sloshing around in it and I have to admit, I didn't have a problem with it. I let them jump in puddles with their school shoes and sock on... Wade even ran around outside with no shoes on, soaking the bottoms of his pajamas. When the grandparents started to get concerned, I said, "Don't worry about it, they don't see rain that much" ME!!! I SAID THAT! I couldn't even believe it came out of my mouth!

This is someone who when it rained, kept the kids inside, swore I would lock them up if they got their school shoes wet and DESPISED muddy footprints ANYWHERE! Truth be told, my kids have been complaining that there is no snow here. I can't believe it. Who would complain about NO SNOW? (Besides my husband) Apparently they have forgotten about the 15 inches of slush on our street last year from January to March. I HAVEN'T and I DON'T MISS IT! I will admit, it is kind of hard to get into the Holiday season when you look outside to palm trees, cactus and 80 degree weather, but that is not a complaint, it is just a reality.

I have promised the kids that in the future, we will spend the holidays at the grandparents houses where there is a much better prospect for snow.. and I will MOST CERTAINLY push them outside with all their snow gear and when they want to come in after 15 minutes I will say, "OH NO! NO YOU DON'T! You miss the snow! Remember? You complain about missing it all the time! So, go play in it.... and you can come back inside in an 2 hours and tell me how WONDERFUL the snow is, and how GLAD YOU ARE that you got to stay outside and enjoy it." Think that'll happen? humpf.

In the mean time, the rain today DID add a little to our Holiday season. Just made it feel a little more like fall.. and I guess I kind of enjoyed it. (For once)


Linsey said...

When I was a kid, we loved to play in the rain, but we did not like having to strip before coming back in the house. Maybe I'll take Caleb outside the next time it rains...I feel inspired.

Bridget said...

Move to Portland. It rains like 340 days out of the year!


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