Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Husband

Jessica tagged me to do a My Husband Tag. Most of you don't know my husband, and even if you DO, you probably don't know him well. Peter and I have been married for 8 years and I am pretty much the social butterfly for us both! I do all of the activity planning and he pretty much just follows along.

Our deal when we got married was that he would "BE A FAN" which means that whenever I got a crazy hair to do something fun i.e. party, parade, or other wild crowd related activity he would oblige. Little did I know, he has his limits... Like attending this. There is no way that he would have attended that in this life time OR the next. I guess that is ok, you can't win 'em all.

I get in trouble sometimes with Peter re: THE BLOG. He was NOT happy when it went from a "Family Blog" to my personal place for self expression. He doesn't like it much when I say our kids look like me either...So, in an effort to not step on any TOES, I decided to ASK Peter what the answer to these questions would be. It started off kind of racy so I mentioned it was "for the blog" and he fixed it up a bit.

5 Things he loves to do:

Play Games - (He LOVES playing games and I sometimes don't LOVE playing with him. He recently played an 86 point word on scrabble against me)

Watch Movies (He has been Tivoing black and white movies on AMC and watching them at night)

Eat his Wife's Cooking (What can I say)

Playing Basketball (Too bad the guys in our ward here play at 6:00 a.m!)

Tickling the Kids (This would happen to be a nightly activity. He likes tickling me too, but of course didn't state that because I HATE IT! )

5 Things on his to do list ** Again, I did NOT make this list.

Lose weight

Quit eating so much of his wife's cooking

Do Nice things for his wife (He is very good at this)

Read More

Do Home teaching

5 of Favorite Foods

PIE- (unfortunately for him, Pie doesn't float my boat. But, I accommodate him at least a COUPLE of times a year!)

Frog Eye Salad (Again, I make this twice a year. Thanksgiving and 4th of July... Just for Peter)

Pizza (No brainer... we love FRIDAY NIGHT PIZZA NIGHT!)

Sushi (Why else do you think I married him?)

No Bake Cookies

5 Things People Don't know About Him

He is an AMAZING lover (Again, his words)

He can paint! (I have been meaning to blog about this, but have been waiting for a photo of a picture he recently painted of his parents. He has also illustrated a children's book for my mom and has painted pictures hanging in his Aunt's house and in his office.)

He used to be in a band and played the bass for a band in Seattle (grunge hair doo and all)

He has watched every Marx Brother's movies and has hundreds of their quotes memorized and does a great Harpo impersonation.

He was going to teach English in Japan instead, he decided to stay here. (Because of this, he didn't end up with a very small Asian woman.. he ended up with a VERY TALL AMERICAN woman.)

5 Things he Doesn't like

People in the kitchen when he is cooking- (He HATES it when I even ENTER the kitchen if he is in there. He routinely makes grilled cheese tortillas after church on Sunday and is known as the SANDWICH MAKER in our house)

Getting up early

Speeder upper slower downers (You know who you are... you people on the freeway that refuse to use cruise control)

An angry/mad or sad wife

Going to bed- (Because this would be prime time for watching his movies or playing games. )


Melissa-Mc said...

I love Scrabble.

I am from Seattle. Maybe I've heard him play??

jessica said...

Thanks for doing the tag, I loved learning about your guy. I am so intrigued by the grunge band thing. You'd think after being a part of that scene he would be a total party-er!

abbyandcompany said...

what? Why is this post saying Tuesday when it is Sunday? At least over here in spokane. But, we are slow to follow trends.

it's not even coming up in reader, and i love the photos from the BG. and I hate getting up early too.

Anne said...

Well, that was great fun! I have only met Peter once...at your wedding. There was just no get to know you time at the wedding.

Bridget said...

That is so funny he's tooting his own horn with his lover abilities!

Natalie said...

WEll duh...his wife is having his 4th child:). So fun Lindsey! I might do this post too. Just to see what he says:).

Justin Timberlake said...

Wow your husband is one amazing man. If I was a girl I'd be so into him.

Leah said...

I am the social butterfly in our marriage too. And the activity planner! I should do this tag. It's great to pay tribute to our other half!

Jessica said...

So glad the hubby let you share. It was fun learning more about him.

Ilene said...

Great idea. It is fun to learn about my blogging friend's "other half". I may have to steal this idea one day.


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