Friday, November 28, 2008

How was your BUTTERBALL?

Mine was good. . .

If you have some left over, try my favorite family tradition of left overs...

Monty Cristo's

Get your favorite white bread

(Grandma Sycamore's Please. . . affectionately referred to as Granny Bread)

Get some sliced ham and Swiss cheese

Make a french toast batter minus spices (maybe just vanilla and a wee bit o' sugar)
Make a turkey, ham and Swiss sandwich

(With mayo and mustard if you like, I think it is better that way)

Dip both sides in the french toast batter

Cook on a buttered griddle (did I say this was low fat? No.)

Over low heat (covered if you have a lid you can throw over it)

Serve with Raspberry Jam and



PS- DO NOT omit the Raspberry Jam. It is the key to the best Monty Cristo EVAH!!! If you are worried, serve it on the side, and dip it in. YOU WILL BE HOOKED!


Bridget said...

I am SO hungry now!! Thanks a lot.

gab said...

UMMMM. I love monte cristos! And your belly!

Arian said...

Oooh, that looks yummy! Since we did our big move on Friday I was not doing a whole lot of cooking this year so we don't have any leftover turkey. I may just have to roast a bird just for the sake of having leftovers.
How is that baby girl treating you? Are you as ready to be done as I am??? :)

Melissa-Mc said...

Looks like your are cooking up a cute little turkey in there.

Jessica said...

Okay. You have to go to Zin Bistro in Sugarhouse-ish area. It's this little lunch place that only seats one round of diners and then closes and besides EVERYTHING being freaking, freaking amazing (you have NEVER had a bread basket like theirs: sweet rolls, chocolate croissants, etc.)--their Monte Cristo is hands down the yummiest thing I've ever eaten. Take a bunch of women when you go and no kids. They're, seriously, no allowed.

(Oh, and I got the bag. You're the best!)

Ilene said...

Okay, gotta try Jessica's tip next time in Utah. However, if you are in Cali- the Blue Bayou restaruant at Disneyland makes a mean Monte Cristo sandwhich too.

Ah, thanks for reminding me of this yummy treat. I gotta make me one. I even have the raspberry jam.


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