Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Days are Here Again!

Let's just let out a big collective *sigh* ready? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... Didn't that feel good? Well, it did to me because I have my (my husbands which I stole because mine is old and slow) laptop running again! I mean, it WAS running before... if you think that crashing every oh 20 minutes or so is running. The good news is, is that it would re-boot really fast, because it is a fast computer. But now, it is 11:52 p.m.... My husband has told me to go to bed like 5 times now and has uttered words like, "tired" "grumpy" "tomorrow" to me to try to get me to scurry along... but you know what? It won't matter... because my computer will be working like the sleek beautiful machine that it is tomorrow.. and that is JUST enough to keep my happy meter on the upside.. .If you know what I mean.

Wanna do the same? Ok, well, you have to back up all of the documents to a different drive. Yep, get one. (It is worth it) All the pictures too.. .then you have to push some secret combo of buttons to wipe that hard drive clean and VOILA! It is like a PRETTY CLEAN LAKE WITH NO RIPPLES... just waiting for you to dip your toe in. A CLEAN HARD DRIVE! Just like when you brought it home from the Hospital.. er... I mean, store. (I need to learn how to do those strike through words. Somebody help a girl out) I just RECENTLY learned about the compose button on blogger... I am so smart as not I think..... and I mean that!

Oh, did I mention you will spend the next 4-5 hours re-loading programs? Oh, because you will... and with each new and clean program you will feel your computer connected self feeling lighter and lighter until the perfect brightness of.... Ok, I am getting a little carried away here, but it DOES FEEL GOOD!

I just have a few more programs to re-load and !!!!!!!!!!!!!IT IS FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!.. Now, I just have to wait for Abby to add some crazy program on while she is visiting the build-a-bear workshop... ugh. I think it is time for a kid ONLY computer.


jessica said...

I totally agree about the kid computer thing. I am so ready for my very own lap top. I do not like to share.

Natalie said...

You're a goof ball. I love it! I feel the exact same way about a clean house. Last week I was giddy looking at all of the straight vaccuum lines. Ryan thought it was strange. I was prancing (and cautioning the kids not to step on the carpet).

And as for sharing a computer, It isn't fun. It's testing our marriage.

Pineapple Princess said...

Ain't no one happy if Mama's computer ain't working. . .or something like that.

Yippeeeee for a clean computer!

Justin Timberlake said...

Wow, Lindsey. I like having a clean computer too! Isn't it awesome how much we have in common?

Your bff,


Anne said...

I am so completely computer clueless. Jeff has saved me from just buying a new one several times. A couple of years ago he found over 30, yes THIRTY, viruses at one time. Did I mention that I am REALLY bad at computer stuff???

Ilene said...

Love that JT is your newest blog fan. You are so cool.

I made my old laptop the kid computer and it died a sad, sad death. I am now scared to let Jackson near my new laptop. I wonder if the old one can still be resurrected...

Bridget said...



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