Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tired of Election Posts? [See here]

Well, leave it to me to find something OTHER than the election to talk about. If you read THIS (scary picture ahead) post, you may have seen the comment string attached to it in which Leah asked if I watched Dr. 90201. Silly Leah.... OF COURSE! I mean, not that I wait for it to come on on Monday night, but, it IS on the DVR schedule. I am fascinated/horrified by all the surgeries... I personally contemplate many of them, but am totally SCARED by all of them. I am not sure if I can go through with my post babies surgery list, but, in my effort to be educated... you know, I have to watch it.

I almost fell off the bed today when I was watching the Tivo'd episode and Dr. Rey said that in order to save his marriage he was going to talk to the missionaries who adopted him... IN UTAH! He has talked several times about the missionaries who adopted him, but never about what religion they were. When he said he was taking Haley to Utah, it was only the logical conclusion that they were LDS, and sure enough THEY WERE!

He went to their very modest home and wanted to know the secret to happiness. I was ready for them to launch into the first discussion, but alas, they said it was love. Really, it was a heartfelt moment and Dr. Rey spoke of them with such reverence and respect. It was nice to see he had such fantastic feelings for them and their obvious values. See the video here. Amazing. Who would have thought that Dr. Rey would have been raised (partially) by Mormon missionaries. Crazy.

Just another way that those Mormons are taking over reality TV! If you want to hear someone else rant about the LDS invasion go here, or here and type in Mormons in the blog search.


Jeanelle said...

I always thought they were LDS because a guy in my ward went to visit his bro in So Cal and the Reys were at church the day he was there. Oh and we KNEW DeAnna & Jesse were toast! No big shockaroo there, huh???

Ashley and Nate said...

Last year, on the show, Dr Rey said:
A very wise man once said, "no other success can compensate for failure in the home."
And I was like "what did he just say?" So I looked him up and he was indeed raised LDS. Crazy!

Jill said...

Awesome!! Gotta support our people!!

Leah said...

You are so my reality TV friend. People rip on me all the time for watching the Bachelor and I wear it on my sleeve and shout it out with no shame.

There was a Dr Rey episode once where he came home from the cannery and showed Hailey all of the stuff he canned. Also, I swear I saw a picture of a temple on their wall in their first little Bev Hills home. So, of course by the clothes they wear they are not super active, but there is still a connection. That's cool that someone saw them at church.

I loved their Utah visit. Super sweet. They are a darling family and they do love each other.

gab said...

Never watched. But now my interest is piqued.

Natalie said...

He has talked about the cannery on the show too. It showed his pantry and he had a bunch of #5 cans:). I knew that he was LDS but I didn't know that he was raised by missionaries. Your blog is my place for real, up to date, late breaking news. Thank you for providing that Lindsey. Otherwise, I may have to listen to election coverage and frankly, after 2 years, I am done with that.

Bridget said...

That is so funny! Whodda thought? I watched that show many 7 or 8 times. I got so sucked into the thoughts of all these wonderful surgeries I could have that I just had to stop watching it. I haven't seen it since but I am just dying to think that he has that LDS background. Too funny!

Paige said...

If only Dr. Rey would include some of the other things other than Love in his life he'd be better off. That wife is a piece of work.

I got the girls rollerblades at Toys R Us for $30 but sol's are my old, nice ones. The girls are "adjustable" sized 10-13 kids but they just don't strapped well and I wish I had bought them good ones.


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