Sunday, August 31, 2008

One He** of a Sunday

You know it is going to be a rough Sunday when you start church at 8:00 a.m. and have to speak in church first thing... Actually, that part of the day went rather well. I think that was the 1,439,212 time that Peter and I have spoken in Church because we move so much, so, we are bound to get used to it eventually. RIGHT? Well, for the most part, right. I was hoping to regurgitate a talk that I had already given, but alas, had to construct something entirely new when I couldn't find a talk on that subject. We juggled three kids and two talks and almost came out unscathed. It will be nice when Peter and I can listen to each other's talks. Actually, I have to give credit to the sweet girl who came out into the hall and asked if she could watch Wade so I could listen to Peter speak. It would have been great, if Wade would have gone for it.. but NO WAY.

I was subbing in the 7 year olds class today but when I arrived at Primary to sub that class, they QUICKLY informed me that I would be subbing for Jaxon's class. That was fine, but, it takes a WHOLE lot more energy to teach 5 year olds (Especially Jaxon) and I wasn't mentally prepared for the task. However, I made it out alive and it even went pretty well. Jaxon informed me later that he didn't like me teaching his class. (I am sure it had NOTHING to do with making him sit still and him KNOWING I will deliver on my threats)

Since Wade isn't officially old enough for nursery, he was taken home during RS/Priesthood and I was going to take the kids home in Peter's car after church.. and I WOULD have, if I had a key to his car on my key chain.. Oh, that reminds me honey, your car is still at the church. We hooked a ride home from someone else.

Wade was in fine form at church.. I mean, ALL DAY... He must have wonked his head or run into a wall or tripped over a book at LEAST 600 times today. (Ok, so, I feel like exaggerating today) Anyway, it was a LONG baby day and you know how those go... they just seem to NEVER END! We couldn't WAIT to toss him into the crib with his blankie and a binky.. the night didn't fall fast enough!

BUT HERE is the topper... I was awoken ever so gently (or by frantic yelling), you choose how YOU think it went, from my leisurely Sunday nap to find that Abby had one of These in her ear ....Inserted by her wonderful brother Jaxon. By the time I was woken, there had already been some attempts to get it out so a trip to the Insta Care was in order... I think they are going to get to know us well. We have already been there for THIS, and Peter was there just a couple of weeks ago for Strep. Good golly. Happy Sabbath. I hope yours was a LOT more "restful".

To finish this uplifting and spiritual blog entry, I thought I would share a few things that DID make me smile today.

This is a picture of Jaxon and Peter. What are they doing? DUH! Dancing at a disco with a disco ball! (Of course) Jaxon is the one on the right. It looks like he is a little uncertain about his "moves".

This is the picture that Jaxon drew when we told him to draw a monster to shoot with his new Nerf Gun. Of course we were just trying to keep aim away from us. Don't you think it is an awfully bright and sunny day for a monster to be attacking the house? I thought so too.


Friday, August 29, 2008

Drum Roll Please


It is finished.. Ok, maybe not FINISHED.. but for the most part.. the Decorator Prison part... It is finished because my parents are on a plane back to SLC right now thankful that they were able to leave this place! They worked long and hard... and I think we made 8 trips to Target (you think I am joking?) But, it is finished, fabulous, and it makes me feel like I am home. So, I am ready to post the pix. Really, you won't see TOO many new things, but there ARE a few TREASURES that I have purchased.. I will point them out. But, if you have seen my home before, especially if you have BEEN IN my home before, nothing will come as a shock to you. I just find it delightful, really, that all my things even if just moved around a TINSY bit can still look great. I love it.

Mom and Dad, I owe you... BIG TIME. Thank you for all of your hard work.. trips to Target and company this week. Next time you come out, I PROMISE, we will have a LOT more fun! Now, drum roll please.

This is my favorite view... This is me, sitting in my chair... my blogging chair... It is my favorite view because I can see so many things I love. I love my Christus.. purchased in Israel almost 17 years ago. (Yuck, I can't believe I just said that) I have my favorite picture up on the wall. (I bought it at Tai Pan) My mother in law made me the Topiary for our first home, and I have had that rooster clock FOREVER.. I don't know, these things just feel like home to me, they just make me happy......
This is my view to the right of the blogging chair... Those pictures on my wall? Aren't they CUTE? I have had them forever too! They were purchased at Kmart, and they were $15 bucks a piece. Awesome. Since I have had them for 6 years, that is $2.50 per year in amortized value. I think they were worth it. I still love them. See my Tai Pan bucket? In the cubbie? I love that too. My mom bought it for me for Christmas, because she knew how I coveted it. It took me a while to get it to my home. I had to wait until I could drive it. Some of you will notice a NEW PURCHASE! See that beauty? That basket, or whatever it is, that has a white geranium plant in it? Well, I LOVE IT, and I bought it without a seconds of hesitation because I knew it was a must have piece. I found it at Pier One. It was $29, but on clearance for $19. You wouldn't have hesitated either. (The books next to it are my My Publisher Books) The other thingy on the wall that arched thingy was also purchased at Pier one 8 years ago... It was $20 as well. So, that amortized over 8 years is also $2.50.. well worth the purchase. You know, at the time in our newlywed life, that was allota dough.. I am happy to see it put to good use.

Here is the view from my blogging chair straight ahead... That is the front hallway, you can see the cones that Heidi mentioned in my comments.. she is an observant one.. What? You noticed they aren't brown anymore? Yeah, that is what a can of spray paint will do for you. Oh, you actually want to SEE the blogging chair? Well, as Amy pointed out, it is a chair we have had forever, that has been recovered.

Here is my dad performing amazing acts of heroism... and his trusty side kick K-lo. See those stylish glasses he is sporting? Is he an electrician? No, but being a Chemist/Physics/Engineer type person makes him think he can do anything... And, he can. He is great with a level too. :) Thanks Dad. (Don't worry, I took the shackles off of BOTH of them before they left.. I didn't want them to get strange looks at the airport. The final result?

I only have one set of drapes up... but, here is the other wall.

Remember that FABULOUS, INCREDIBLE, wall plaque that I found at Pier One? Well, here is is in all of its glory. I love it. It is perfect in our front hallway. It was also on clearance. The retail heavens were shining upon me.

And finally, my bedroom. When I walk in, I feel.. peace.... As you may have heard before, my bedroom is NEVER clean, unless I am hostessing an EVENT. So, here is your one and only look..

Dreamy eh? Check out the garden of Eden outside my window... That is probably the best part of my room. My one new addition is the tall grass sitting in my window.. Target.. now.. if you want one, go get one.

It is a great addition. I hope you enjoyed the tour of our home. I am so thrilled to have it all put together. I couldn't have done it without my parents.. Now, COME and see it for YOURSELF! Guests are always welcome!

PS- My mom and I are available for DECORATING ON A DIME consultations... First come, first served!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Please Please Please

There is NOTHING else to do... There is NOTHING to watch on TV (I mean, Project Runway and Burn Notice are only on ONE night a week, and it is on the SAME DAY) ....and YOU KNOW how I feel about reading... and I already READ the Book that I was GOING TO READ.. SO
(I think I only had 4 hits on Bloglines today.. come on people... if you are going to fill up my reality TV viewing you are going to have to do better than THAT!)
You are all behind on your blogging and this is my plea for you to begin again so that I have something to do...
Thank you for your consideration in advance...
PS- Thank you Jill for showing me how to change the size of my fonts on blogger. Yes, I have been blogging for over a year, and NO, I have never tried the COMPOSE tab... I am an idiot.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Baby Crack

You have your Baby Einstein Videos, you have Barney, you have Dora and Boots, spend your hard earned cash on it all.... but, you might as well throw your money in the garbage if you have NEVER tried BABY SONGS. You are missing out on the best 30 minutes of your life... I mean that 30 minutes where you can leave your baby in one room (or the same room)and do something else in ANOTHER room and do it un-interrupted! (PS- I am NOT advocating leaving your baby unattended...mmkay?)

Now, some of you might be highly opposed to such a prospect but for those of you who are looking to take a shower, wash the dishes, curl your hair or USE THE BATHROOM without a wee one pounding on the door, THIS would be it.

I have to warn you ahead of time though. The songs are highly addictive and I found my self, LONG AFTER the kids had gone to bed and the brain candy had been turned off, singing these little diddys to myself. My husband has even been known to sing a tune or two...and maybe changes the words here and there..but still. HIGHLY ADDICTIVE SONGS! For example: just tonight, I was singing THIS:
as I was doing the dishes. What do dishes and Piggy Toes have to do with each other? I don't know, that is not the point. The point is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!

If you don't mind Hap Palmer in his easy listening, guitar strumming sound, (MORE COW BELL!) and watching little kids, in their bell bottoms and hobbit hair who are probably about my age now, running around on the screen THIS VIDEO IS FOR YOU! I am not kidding. On occasion even Jaxon and Abby will even take a seat with Wade just to watch. Don't believe me? Order one (they aren't paying me). It will only take just one, and you will be hooked. I even think that the song "The day I took my diapers off" Potty trained Jaxon for me and "I can put my clothes on by myself" taught Abby to dress herself... at a much too early age. (Sorry, couldn't find those on YouTube) Our personal favorite is Baby's Busy Day, or Baby Songs Original. PS- Don't let the kids on the cover of the DVD fool you. They are babies "of the day" not the babies shown in the video....

Oh, and Hap... Thanks for entertaining my baby for 2 hours a day... er, Oh, I mean, 30 minutes... (Hey! It is STILL decorator PRISON! I have to do SOMETHING to keep Wade from running off with the drill while my dad is on the ladder!)Here is one more just in case you need some more convincing...."Where is Baby" the second song on this clip is one of Wade's personal favs... he told me so. After watching all those veggies move around, you might think YOU are on crack!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

We interrupt this programming to.... CELEBRATE

Jaxon's BIRTHDAY!! Our Jaxon turned 5 yesterday and so, of course, I need to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and post some pix for our family.
He had an AMAZING day, and when we got up for CHURCH this morning, Jaxon thought he had it made. I asked him to get dressed and he said, "but, Birthday Boys don't have to go to church!" Too bad his birthday was YESTERDAY!!! (He almost had me) If you have yet to meet our Jaxon, or don't know much about him... you need to get to know him.
Click on the Jaxonism Label.. You WON'T be disappointed!

Jaxon has presented us with MANY challenges in life, but also some wonderful blessings. Recently we have decided to put him on a GFCF diet. Don't know what that is? Ugh... I will TELL you what it is.. He can't eat ANYTHING! GFCF is Gluten Free, Casein Free and it proves to be very helpful with Autistic Children. Just so you know, there is Gluten in almost EVERYTHING and for the first few weeks I was paralyzed.. I mean, I LOVE to cook and cooking has GLUTEN IN IT! Just kidding.. but just about everything he eats does. But, we are getting by, and I have clung tightly to a couple of hands and have proven my co-dependence to those who have been there and done that.. Thank you for your help! Ps- That birthday cake up above? I baked it, and it had no WHEAT FLOUR or BUTTER! Totally GFCF.. and everyone ate it. (It wasn't that bad)

Jaxon was a fun, but CRAZY baby... He cured us of having more babies for a while... That has seemed to rub off, but, our love for him has not.

We have high hopes for you Jaxon! I mean, even Michael Phelps was diagnosed with ADD... With your length, competitive spirit and brute determination, you never know, you could be a hero just like him.

I do remember that when you received a name and a blessing from you Dad, he blessed you that you would be an influence for good and that you would be known for that throughout the world.

All I know for sure is that HE has high hopes for you, and WE do too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Photo by Kathrine Wallin of Wallin Photography

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Stay Tuned

(I AM pregnant with WADE in the picture!!)

My mom showed up for Decorator Prison... (For the 5th time in 6 years- ok, she DID do decorator prison in a few apartments too) and I am finally feeling like I live in my own home (we are renting). I can't believe what a difference decorations make and it is making me feel like a whole new person that actually has some cute stuff! I had been absolutely paralyzed with the inability to decorate since we have moved, so, I am grateful she is here! I think it is just the stress of moving and having done it so many times, it was all I could do to just unpack the stuff we use. Not to mention that I will have to do it again in 1-2 years because we are currently renting.

The funny thing is, I have had most of this stuff since we moved into our first house in Cheney, WA in 2002. My mom and I kept laughing as we would pull stuff out of boxes because we could remember when we first bought it... and for what price! I don't have tons of money to spend on decor, so I pride myself on buying timeless pieces that have great style and show up from house to house and still look great in the process. Now, don't look too closely.. some things are starting to show the wear of moving 5 (or more)times. (We have actually moved 8 times since we were married in 2000... You do the math.)

So, here is a little game... I am going to post a few pictures of our first house.. You look for items that are still with me in my current house..mkay? Good luck!

We are still working on it, so, stay tuned. I am going to give you a COMPLETE run down WITH pictures of my favorite NEW BARGAINS and favorite things I like to look at.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

When You Need a Little Reminder

I have been reading CJane for quite a while now, funny, insightful, witty, real. Some of you may not understand the "blog connection" where you read someone's blog regularly and you start to feel like you know them, even if you have never met them. I mean, after all, a blog is a pretty intimate gaze into the life of someone else. I have to admit, I have several of these kinds of "relationships" and I don't feel funny about them.. I mean, that is why their blog is there... To connect with people, to share, to spread joy, love, creativity and learning. If you haven't found that in blogging.. that is ok. Blogging is not for everyone.

I know some don't read blogs because it makes them feel bad, inadequate or inferior. They compare themselves to others in that way, but, you have to remember, blogs only say what you want them to say and I for one try not to say some things on mine. As of late, we have been going through some amazing trials. Are they blog fodder? No, but, sometimes I like not having to process all of my frustration and anger and disappointment on my blog. I mean, after all, I look like I have a pretty normal life on my blog, but I am far from that right now.

On Sunday night, I read Cjane's blog. Her sister Stephanie and her husband were in a plane crash and were still alive, but badly burned over a large parts of their bodies. This is their cute family. I am sure you can imagine how devastating this would be to them, and their small children, not to mention their family and friends. I had not read Stephanie's blog before, but read pretty much the whole thing on Sunday night, and wondered Why?? She has a beautiful family, a beautiful talent, and a beautiful outlook on life. She was letting her husband fulfill his dream of learning to fly and then this tragedy occurred.

Her family and life will be forever altered by this. Her children may not see her for months. Maybe she won't even be able to hold them for months due to her scarring and all the while, her family is full of faith, and peace and joy that she is alive and recovering.. however slowly.

Now, I ask you, why? Why a recently fueled airplane? Why crashing into a wood pile? Why them? Why together? It is hard isn't it. But, doesn't it put other things into perspective? We all have challenges in life. Some, greater than others. Let us be reminded of our blessings and let us remember others in life who are struggling and try our best to serve them and love them. If you want to help Stephanie and her family, here is how.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

What happens when your kids get haircuts...

Abby was in desperate need of a hair cut due to major swimming hair from the summer full of a pool... MUCH better than LAST TIME, don't you think?

Unfortunately, I came home and Peter said it was time to trim someone else hair too! WHAT? Ok, I guess his hair was starting to hang in his eyes, and he was getting major cotton candy hair in the back.. (Which looks like a jumbled mess-o-cotton candy) So, I took some scissors to these curly locks, and now he has a new look too.

Quite a bit less wild than it looks in the video, NO? I thought it was time to look more "maintained" but unfortunately, It just makes him look older! Boo Hoo. I tried to not cut them all off, because when I cut Jaxon's off, they never came back... I hope they aren't too far gone!

What do you say when...

You are in a store exchanging some SHORTS and your daughter sees something like THIS on a mannequin. (I didn't want to post the picture here for fear of strange hits...) Anywho...

Abby: Hey mom, (as she is looking at a mannequin with a very shear piece of "night wear" on) Would you wear that going out on a date?

Me: Um, No.

Abby: Yeah, good, because it pretty much looks see through.

I came home and told Peter and he said, "Did you tell her what it was for?" (WHAT?) "To sleep in!"

Um, no, I think I will leave that discussion for a little bit later. If you know what I mean!

Sure Signs Jaxon Lives in Arizona and is in Kindergarten . . .

Jaxon: Hey mom, this is the letter "T" it says, t-t-t-t(making the t sound repeatedly) T is for "Ladybug"!

Me: Jaxon, T is for T-ree, or T-omato, or T-omorrow...

Jaxon: Um, no mom, T is the sound of "Ladybug" IN SPANISH!

Jaxon actually recognized that people were speaking Spanish on the television the other day too... I guess he might become "fluent". PS- I know Jaxon doesn't know Spanish and that the word for Butterfly DOESN'T start with a "T". I just thought it was hilarious that he would pretend it would!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Scared of Spiders???

I found out today that Wade IS!!! I know I haven't been blogging much. Too much going on here, however, I did find some time to catch this on video. I have a little finger puppet book that has a spider in it, and Wade is completely terrified of it. Too funny... Enjoy!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sometimes the best laid plans. . . .

Things I did this week not necessarily in this order:

* Got a root canal
* Had TWO IEP meetings
* Did NOT go to the grocery store
* Got creative making dinner with a severe lack in grocery product
* Talked the hubby into bringing dinner home TWICE.
* Cried for a whole day (this would be related to the two IEP meetings)
* Did not shower until 3:00 p.m. everyday except Tuesday(I really couldn't handle it)
* (the previous statement is not really any different than any other week)
* Read 519 pages of a book (You know which one)
* Got a temporary crown
* Watched 6 hours of the Olympics
* Attended a nursery rhyme parade
* Almost beat my husband (by a very small margin) in Scrabble which I SWORE I would never play and now will never play again because he played an 86 point word.. 86 POINTS!
* Went to back to School night
* Ate sushi (mine was cooked) at RAW with our LOVELY friends Blaine and Tamra
* Played home handyman
* Found 4 eaten packages of chips in Jaxon's room
* Watched SYTYCD with a DISMAL Finale and a MUCH BETTER results show (Was I the only one that thought the dances on Wednesday night were BORING???)
* Tried to avoid laundry (and succeeded until today-about 30 minutes ago)
* Did NOT make it to Target, and I really really wanted to go
* Went to lunch at In and Out

Somehow I thought my life would be so much easier when my kids were in school. I thought I would have so much "free time". I thought I would have so much time to go shopping... I thought I would float in the pool during nap time and get a better tan while reading a book or sleeping. I thought I would feel well rested because I would be in my second trimester. I thought I would work on some projects, unpack boxes and put my house together. I thought I would be more organized, and my house would be so much more clean. I thought I would be more motivated to cook... So much for the best laid plans.....

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I am Dangerously Close...

To buying this. I TOLD YOU I have a problem with INFOMERCIALS! Shamwow has been promoted shamelessly and continually on the channel on which I tivo my NEWS PROGRAM and although I have tivo and SHOULD be skipping the commercials I have seen a portion of the commercial so many times that I am starting to think it might be a great deal! I am not sure about it replacing my kitchen sponge... but, it does look like a pretty great thing to soak up all that extra water around the house! (???) I mean, afterall... It last for 10 YEARS!!! I hope no kitchen sponge has ever lasted THAT long. Anyway, before I take the plunge... I thought I would ask blogland... Do YOU SHAMWOW? PS- I am thinking about buying it to help pay for surgery for that guys left eye. It doesn't seem to open very well.. or is that just me?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Summer Fun Photo Contest

5 Minutes for mom is having a summer photo contest! Well, I don't think of my self as much of a photog... but, I do have a few summer shots that I had a hard time choosing between. Here is the one that WON for me! Wish me luck! :)

What is cuter than a sandy baby having fun at the beach?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Summary

I have never done one of these "Sunday Summaries" But I decided today would be an appropriate week to do it. . .

Monday: Kids started school! Craziness abounded that day because of the slacker mom who didn't attend any of the "back to school" meetings. I blame pregnancy.

Tuesday: Peter's birthday! And just because I didn't take pictures doesn't mean that we didn't celebrate. We had his favorites: Mongolian Beef and his FAVORITE dessert! PIE.... Click here to see WADE say PIE.

Wade and I started coming down with a NASTY cold: Monday 12 tissue day... Tuesday 24 tissue day... Worse... Wednesday 36 tissue day... You get the picture.

Wednesday: Abby's birthday! I managed to make a cake but couldn't manage dinner. Peter brought home PIZZA instead! I love my personal delivery boy...

Thursday: I got to see pictures of my little baby AGAIN! :)I would upload pix here, but blogger doesn't recognize the format! Sorry, I will have to scan some later!

Friday: Abby played hooky from school by saying that her stomach hurt. Peter couldn't BELIEVE I let her stay home, but to be honest, I was feeling so sick myself I was just about buyin' her complaints. I had a BIG THROBBING pain in my cheek by the end of the day and stayed up ALL NIGHT because I couldn't sleep the pain was so bad. I was calling Dentists at 5:00 a.m. begging for someone to see me.

Saturday: 10 am. Dentist appointment. Me: crying and sobbing I am in so much pain... two root canals please... Thank you. I can't get in to see and endodontist until, I have to wait out the weekend with HORRIBLE memories of the day that you would get your braces tightened... but this would be 10xs more painful and no pain killers...not even the really good stuff would really take all the pain away! Wish me luck Monday at the endodontist....ooch.. My mouth is SORE!

Sunday: My head has hurt so much the last two days that I haven't even been able to pick up the Breaking Dawn book that my husband so lovingly went to Barnes and Noble yesterday and bought for his poor, pathetic sick wife who couldn't get her bum off the couch for more than a few seconds at a time... I will read more today! :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

More things I love about my new home town..

It was 112 degrees outside today... No, that is NOT an exaggeration. I would like to think that it was, but it wasn't. It was so hot that even though I had my A/C cranked in the car, I could still feel the heat of outside on my face through the front windshield.. Really, I could. When I went to pick up Jaxon from school I could feel the heat on the back of my calves as I walked up to the school. I think I got a burn in the 5 minutes I was outside. Really, I think I did. And I look at my MSN homepage (that is where I get all my news) I see that it is 78 degrees and raining (or possible rain) in Spokane, where we used to live. I see that it is 64 degrees on the other side of the state of Washington.. where other people I know live and I see that it is a mear 98 degrees in SLC where I have family. Let's face it... 112 is STILL a whole HECK OF A LOT HOTTER than 98.

BUT, there are some other wonderful things about my new home town and that is this:

*97.5 (I have no idea what the name of the radio station is) but they played PYT, ICE ICE BABY and Bell Biv deVoe's "Poison" in a row and kept me bouncin' in my car for about 20 minutes today. (I know, I am stuck in the 80's-- but when you don't have to listen to those old school songs every day, they are kinda fun to listen to again)

* In and Out Burger opened up 2.7 miles away from my house. DID YOU GET THAT? 2.7 miles away. I went there just today and I have to admit, from the sunny service that I got, to the great burger and fries that were all ready for me to "eat in the car" I was pretty pleased to have them in my hood. Ok, VERY pleased.

*My kids are ALREADY in SCHOOL and my Kindergartner is is ALL DAY FREE kindgergarten! Now, some of you might think that is cruel... but trust me, when it is 112 degrees outside you don't want your kids at home because even if they ARE in the pool the pool is probably about 98 degrees thus making it feel like a nice warm bath. (Not very refreshing) AND you get to have two weeks off in early October where the weather will be much more conducive to playing outside and enjoying the weather. And my kindergartner? Well, Jaxon (if you don't know already) is Autistic and believe it or not, that structure of all day Kindergarten is GREAT for him and does wonders for his social skills.

* Have I mentioned shopping? Oh yeah shopping... and eating and shopping and eating and shopping some more. I know there is a PF Changs, Cheesecake Factory, Paradise Cafe, there is EVEN a cafe RIO for you Cafe Rio fans, Rubys and about a JILLION other places to have great food within 8.8 miles of my house.. come on.. you KNOW you want to visit. In the same distance in opposite directions are TWO of the biggest malls that I have EVER seen that have EVERYTHING you have ever wanted in them.. Ah... retail heaven, like I said.

I guess with the kids back in school.. I am ready to do some SHOPPING, and EATING! Anybody want to come? :) (I mean, 112 isn't THAT hot, RIGHT?)


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