Friday, March 26, 2010

Born To. . .

When I was 16, my dad bought me this.
*Not an actual picture of the car I owned. I can't find one!

A 1969 Ford Convertible Mustang.

Believe it or not, I wasn't thrilled... it needed work. And my sister's got the the ultimate chick convertibles, the Fiat Spider and the Volkswagon Cabriolet. Now THOSE were hot convertibles. At least that is what I thought until I got behind the wheel.

That piece of machinery was my first foray into complete and total car love and snobbery. Which is why I have such a hard time admitting to THIS. Anywho. . . If you really want to know why on earth a guy with 5 daughters would buy them convertibles to drive you are going to have to ask him personally. I don't know, I didn't ask questions. Would you?

Moving on. . . I wasn't a huge fan of the car at first. I mean, it wasn't the "classic" 65 model and it felt a little retro. (Even back then) I didn't LOVE the body style but when I got behind the wheel, it didn't matter anymore. That car had a 4 speed. For those manual car drivers that means that you can pretty much hit close to 50 in 1st gear, without shifting.

I burned out four or five clutches. To this day, I swore to my dad I had NO IDEA why I was burning out clutches.. Old car I guess? ! !? Um, no. It is because I had a new fondness for the speed and power of a fast car. A fast CONVERTIBLE car. And because, I couldn't help but smoke someone off the line at a stop light. Especially when they were revving their engine at me. I mean, come on. You would. If you could. You KNOW you would. People couldn't resist the temptation to want to race me because it sounded like they were pulling up next to a boat. Wob, wob, wob, wob. That is how the engine sounded in idle. . . and it was LOUD. I am sure they were just dying to see the speed. . . eat my dust. . . they begged for it. I gave it freely.

I got several tickets in that car. You could punch it on the freeway going 60 and it would still throw you back in your seat. You don't understand the power of a Boss 302 engine until you have driven one. I don't even know what that means... I have just driven one.

Ever since then, I pretty much considered myself born to drive a convertible. Yeah. I was. I look good in one. Someday, when I don't have to tote kids around, you might find me in one again. And I will look something like this. . .

I am a serious car driver. And an even MORE serious sports car driver. Because when they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up during 8th grade spotlights I said, I wanted to be a race-car driver. Danica Patrick, eat your heart out. I TOTALLY had the jump on you. You are SO NOT the first.

However, for today, I had a friend. A friend in the back.

That is ok. She likes loud music.

She had to, because she was planted right next to that sub woofer.


Natalie said...

we're speed twins. i love speed so very muuch, especially off the line. in high school i drove a chevy astro van (saddle tan and sunset gold) and i beat everyone off the line in that thing. (probably because no body else was trying. haha) anyways, great post. why were you in a convertible yesterday?

Hollyween said...

I got three tickets when I was 19 years old in ONE month. I asked for a plea in abeyance and got all three tickets dismissed. That was LUCKY.

I read your minivan post. I am ANTI minivan and yet whenever I'm inside one I think having one could be REALLY nice. What kind do you have? With a third baby on the way, we're going to need to do SOMETHING and SOON. I can't get over my love of the GMC Acaidia, but every time I bring it up my husband looks at me like I'm crazy to think we could afford one of those things. It's looking like a used minivan is in my future and that makes me want to CRY!! And cry HARD!

abbyandcompany said...

Hey, why bother with that carseat? Fun car!

McB's said...

What the heck happened to my comment? Your pics are funny and made me totally laugh! By the way, did you go pick up your new minivan yet? You need to bring me along in a few years from now when you trade it it for your new fast muscle car cuz I think it will be really funny! :)

jessica said...

I love the sippy cup behind the hot mommy in the how freaking lucky were you to have a convertable in high school! I drove a tan chevy van with wood paneling thank you very much. So not a fast car but it did have automatic windows and locks which was sooooo cool.


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