Thursday, March 11, 2010

What are my options?

For people who know me, they know that I would never, in a million years be caught dead in a mini-van. I am not sure why the repulse me so. Maybe because they have no character, no style... no. . . somethin'. I have been driving a Honda Pilot since 2006, and I love it. It is a great car and I think it is CUTE.

I know.


Yes, cute.

I love it.

I have never thought of replacing it. Well, not really, I mean, I know at some point Jaxon's legs are going to get so long that they will be touching his chin if he sits in the back seat, but I figured I didn't have to deal with that for a long. . .long. . . time.

Then yesterday, I went to a dealership. I was working. (If youknowhatimean) And I had to ask about a car. I asked about a Mini-van.

See? Even if you put it in front of a cute Cape Cod style house. It is STILL ugly.. With that square back. Ugh.

But then, I looked inside.

Double video players (that can play two different videos)

Ambient Lighting that can be on while driving- Like a limo.

Wireless Headphones

All the windows roll down.

All the doors open and shut with a click.

It had a sunroof.. for me.

It had a back up cam.

Fold down seating.


32 G Hard drive (it will load up any CD you put in there including movies)

Ipod compatible.

It streams live tv channels.

It had heated seats.

And you could plug things in... INTO REGULAR PLUGS.

It is like driving a hotel room around. . .which is one of the reasons I hated it, but guess what?


You will probably find me dead, in my mini-van.

And no, I can't believe I just typed those words.


The Grant Family said...

Ha,ha ha! I am so NOT into cars. I just wanted something with some room in it that the kids didn't have to touch each other and that they could get in and out easily and they they had room for their legs to grow. And yes, we've had a mini-van since Ellie was born in 2008. It may not be cool....I may not be cool....but it gives me what I need :) Happy you found a hotel on wheels that you love!

Natalie said...

i swore the same thing. then i came to my senses and realized that ease and convenience far out weigh cool any day. i was so right. so did you buy one already? or just thinking about it now? the you dead in your mini van comment made me laugh out loud. very morbid when you really think about it but on the surface that was dang funny lindsey.

Danika said...

My side hurts from laughing out loud. I just have to say...I TOLD YOU SO!!!! Didn't we have this exact discussion in October when you rode in my minivan? I agree - totally uncool. But you won't regret it. My only regret was not buying one sooner! :)

Emily said...

i want it, i need it, oh baby oh baby!! you've convinced me where do I sign?

Jessica said...

FOr me, it's basically about the extra 10,000 a non-mini-van costs. You get the same space, options and better gas mileage, for about 10,000 dollars less. I know. We're in the markets and I thought I was going the Pilot or Sequoia route, but I'd rather drive around in a tricked out mini-van and have extra money to finish my basement with. I've never understood paying the extra money for a different outside.

Leah said...

HELLLLLLOOOO! I have 2 mini-vans in our garage right now. Yes, 2!!!! We had an SUV once, and they are just not as cool as they are hyped up to be. Mini-vans are WAY better for function, comfort, and price which make you very cool indeed.

Danika said...

I was thinking about you as we were cramped into our "7 seater" Ford Explorer all weekend (see my blog post for more explanation). How in the world do you survive with 4 kids in that Pilot?!? I don't care how "cute" or "cool" it is...that thing is TINY! Do yourself a huge favor and drive right now to the dealership and buy a minivan girlfriend!

Cassi said...

I know you're way cooler than me, but I won't trade in my stow-and-go minivan. And, I finally can say that out loud. I also have decided I need to have some chickens, so who am I to post my opinion?


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