Friday, March 26, 2010


TONIGHT! At 10:00.
Me, my kitchen and my crazy kids.
(Don't you just LOVE how kids act when they know they are on camera?)
Yeah, me niether.
Watch for the cooking segment!
Link to Story HERE
Not sure if video will be on-line.


Natalie said...

yea!!! setting my tivo. can't wait:).

Cassi said...

Wow, Lindsey! You're famous, and my hero. I love how you just have a problem and get to business solving it. Thanks for sharing.

Natalie said...

so my tivo didn't get properly set...operator error. (yes, i know how simple it is and i don't know how i screwed it up) but i just checked back and you have a link:)! You did a great job. your kids are so cute and it was fun to hear them and see them in action (especially the "big muscles")! They did great and you are a fantastic mama! good job lindsey! love to you!


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