Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"The Wedding" Recap

Jason and Molly's wedding was last night. Ok, it was really February 27th, but it "aired" on TV last night. Of course, I didn't watch it until today and boy, did it make for some great entertainment.

If you are keeping track, that is a mere 4 days after the "finale" of flying' Jakes show. Did you love the re-cap of how "in-love" they are? (Oh don't try to pretend you didn't watch it.)
To be honest, the thing that struck me most is that Jake DID TRULY act like he was in love with Vienna. And when he said, "I have no doubt that we will be getting married someday" I believed him. And then, when she looked at him, smiled and said, "Yeah" and patted his leg, I so DID NOT believe her! Was that just me? Or was that vibe as 'bout as clear as crystal?

I love the, "where are they now" segments that the Bachelor does. It is like they know they have a bad wrap for not having successful relationships so they just have to pound it down every one's throat that INDEED they have a few couples together, but Charlie and whatshername? Please. They are as 'bout as solid as. . . their house they are going to buy. Just not very. I mean, I would like for them to stay together, but from the looks of it, not so much. I give them a 30% chance.

Ed and Jillian. I just tried to find a post from their season, and guess what? I can't! How weird is that! I know I posted about Ed at some point, but when I search for ed on my blog, it comes up with every ending of a word. Crazy. Well, anyway. Good for them. I am still not sure on the commitment level. It seems a little sketchy, but I am glad they got past the whole "scandal" and actually seem like they maybe still like each other. I was rooting for Ed anyway, so, it is nice to see they may have made it through the "drama". Time will only tell, but I give these guys, 50/50.

Deanna? Deanna Pappas? Is that you? With the break-dancer's BROTHER???? Did anyone else think that was a super weird match-up? But you KNOW they met on one of those "cast parties". Whatevs.. if it works, it will be a miracle. I give Deanna and crazy break-dancer's brother (who I actually really did like, but just thought he was too young) a 10% chance. For that exact reason... if he was really young, so, is his TWIN brother... and Deanna? Just a little too much woman for him.

Did you see Kipton sitting next to the Jason Mesnick cast off? They didn't show her with him again (the girl with the crazy sideburns) so, it was probably just to create buzz... Ok, you sit here.. with him... and good... now we will get the shot... and scene.

And Molly and Jason. Ok Jason. I know I thought you were seriously scum of the earth for doing that. But I can honestly say now... I guess it was alright. I mean, you made up for it in the end. Do I feel bad you got called names? Naw. You probably deserved it for a while, but it's all good now, right? You and Molly can have babies that inherit her LARGE EYES that you love and all will be well. Happy days. Thanks for making the "Bachelor" a success... hahahaha.

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jessica said...

Catching up on all your posts was fun. I did watch some of last night, it was all so cheesy and lame but as usual I couldn't help myself. Deanna is just a joke, does she have no dignity...

Thanks for the recap!


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