Saturday, March 13, 2010

No Shugs--Week Two

It has been two weeks since I stopped eating sugar. And honestly, its no big thang. Now, in week one, I would have never said that. And I am not saying that there aren't times when I WANT sugar, because there definitely ARE. But, I am getting SOME I am sure. Like, in my yogurt, in my fruit, in my juice (pure juice only). And in my honey. HONEY... mmmmmmmmm... My new best friend. And I still drink a diet coke now and again, because a person has got to live people. When I am really craving that DOUGH texture in my mouth. (Because sometimes I really do just want the chewing goodness of raw cookie dough in my mouth) I get a spoonful of peanut butter. It works, in a pinch.

I seriously am not in dire straights. But don't let me fool you. I think about this box of candy I am going to eat in its entirety on April 1st.
And NO, I will not be sharing. And if you try to get in my way, I just might bite your finger. Please avoid me on April 1st. Thank you.

So, who is with me? How do you feel?

PS- CHECK OUT MY GIVEAWAY! YOU NEED IT FOR BROWNIES! (let's just put it that way)


jessica said...

That is quite the accomplishment. Someday I may try the no sugar thing, but I'm just too weak. I don't think I could do it! I will say that yoplait creamy strawberry yogurt (the big size) is ridiculously yummy. Go and try it!

Natalie said...

you give me hope. after my week of illness, i have been told i need to and i have decided to go off of sugar, wheat, dairy, and gluten. but other than that, i can eat anything...(which leaves about nothing). anyways, yay for you and your will power. i'm proud of you:).

Pete Pages said...

Hey there. Thought I'd visit your blog today to see what is new with you...we really ought to meet in person some day :-).
Anyway, I made a similar goal on Valentine's Day to go without any dessert (or white sugar) until Mother's Day. I totally forgot about Easter and that my anniversary is in April. Woops. It's been going well and I've actually been able to make cookies and scoop ice cream for the kids without cheating. Who knew it was possible. Anyway, hang in there and here's to girl power!


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