Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Bachelor Re-cap

Well, we all knew it was coming. I held out a very small hope he would choose... no one. I mean, I would have rather he chose Tenley IF he had chosen anyone, but if not, then NO ONE PLEASE.

It is the classic case: did you hear it? It was Deanna Pappas all over again. (ugh, she bugged me) Did you hear him explaining it to Tenley? I wish I would have kept the recording because I would quote it directly right now, but in essence it was this:

"I think I know what has gone wrong in all of my past relationships. I always go for the crazy passion and it never ends up working out. With you (speaking of Tenley) there is everything else. Values, same demeanor, same interests we are just so much alike in all those ways and it just works!

Okay, so, that was Jake trying to convince himself that Tenley was a good choice for him, which, he actually ended up talking himself out of because they don't have enough 'fire'. Or whatever, but did you hear it?? Did you hear him say that NONE OF THE OTHER RELATIONSHIPS HAVE WORKED OUT? That is because, a fire dies baby, and you gotta have something else to carry it on. Knowwadimean? I mean, not all fires die, but I think that thrill at some point dissipates, or goes away and may even come back at some point, but then you find yourself questioning why you did it!! You have to have MORE than that to back it up, and Jake. . . poor straight shootin' Jake, just couldn't get his brain out of his pants.

Did I just say that?


That wasn't very PG, but you know what I mean. Tenley even proved she had the spice several times (like they showed in the flashbacks) but because she wasn't a diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirty girl, he just looked right on past it.

Better luck next time Jake! Get ready for the "I told you so!"

In other news: Jake the dancing pilot??? Ok, I am game.

And interesting move by Kate Gosselin. I wonder if we will like her more? Or hate her more? I hope she gets Maks as a partner. That is BOUND to make some serious reality TV sparks with their hot tempers. SET YOUR TIVO!



Leah said...

Thanks for the recap! You are always right on.

I'm glad he didn't pick Tenley though if he didn't have the hots for her. You have to have that in a relationship. I think he wanted it so badly, but it just wasn't happening for him. You can't force that stuff.

I wish Tenley was the new Bachelorette...not Alli. Oh well.

Danika said...

They announced all the DWTS pro partner matchups this morning. Kate is with Tony, though Maks would have been quite entertaining. And I totally called Evan L. as one of the stars, as soon as he won the gold medal...

Jake the Bachelor is with Chelsie Hightower (the nice young mormon girl pro dancer from Utah). I didn't follow The Bachelor (sorry, hope we can still be friends!), but maybe he'll fall in love with Chelsie during DWTS, dump Vienna, and become Mormon?!?

McB's said...

Danika, that is funny about Jake falling in love and becoming mormon, lol! K, Lindsey, my friends on FB last night said the proposal was like a cheesy viagra comercial, isn't that hilarious? That was so lame and I hope they break up.

Hollyween said...

It was painful to watch. Between Vienna's cross eyes and that hideous green ruffle bikini, my eyes really hurt by the end of the night.

Those two belong together, no?

The Grant Family said...

My husband even watched for a few minutes last night and noted that he's just hot for Vienna or in other words his brain is in his PANTS!!!

Jeanelle said...

I laughed at the dirty girl comment -- my boss, when the Tiger Woods thing first broke, said that Tiger likes "DG's." AKA dirty girls. I am not excited to see him on DWTS. I need time to get over my disgust. Hope he goes out early. But I heard his partner is Chelsie H. SO hoping for lots of jealousy from Vienna!!


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