Thursday, March 18, 2010



We are surviving week one of spring break, thanks for asking.

It has been pretty much touch and go. I really would rather be out of town for Spring break, but when you live somewhere where the weather is better than most places you would visit for spring break, you suddenly feel inclined to stay right where you are.

And plus, I don't have my ultimate travel with kids machine yet. So, I can wait to road trip it for now. . . come summer.. I am going to NEED it.

I made sure the kids were enrolled in various morning camps. That makes actually getting things done a little easier. Abby was in Volleyball camp (of course) and Jaxon in basketball camp (of course) and if there was a camp for Wade and Kaylie, they would be there. Well, Wade now thinks the "gym" is his camp. He loves it there. Kaylie... not so much. Poor ladies who watch the babies at the gym. I should do a blog post about them. They are so cute. Anywho.

The afternoons are a little more rough in the entertainment department. Wade's "quiet" time is not so quiet with other kids around and Kaylie seems to want in on the action too. We have hit the pool a few times this week, but the problem with that is that it exhausts their momma as much as it exhausts them! It is a dangerous territory. Esp. because Peter is doing his master's classes pretty much every night of the week.. which means, I AM TIRED. (and grumpy)

We did take a nice break to the mall one day. I had to get my celebratory chocolate ready. And if you aren't careful, they will sell out of those babies before the big day (Easter). Really, you haven't lived until you have tried one of those mixed egg boxes.. Just trust me, go buy one.

One of my favorite things about going to the mall with four kids is. . .Ok, there is NOTHING I like about going to the mall with 4 kids. But, sometimes, it is inevitable. The one thing I do like is their duck formation. Yes, I said duck.

One duck figured out what I was doing and smiled for the camera. She is a smart duck.

Does anyone else's kids walk BEHIND their mom? Quack.


nurse graham said...

By the time I was a teen-ager I was well aware of the "duck" formation. I thought it made our family very conspicious (5 kids), but it was such a habit that we naturally all fell into line.

Danika said...

Part of me is bummed that we aren't up in Washington having fun...until I walk outside and remember that I would be freezing my butt off there and it's gorgeous here!

I make my kids walk next to the cart or stroller (not duck style, they tend to wander off or stop), but my idea back-fired today at Costco (more on that later...I'm sure there will be a blog post). I'm sure Costco with 3 kids is about as bad as the mall with 4 kids.

Natalie said...

oh lindsey, that made me laugh. (anyone who loves the mall w/4 kids is a saint)

i love that a simple snap over your shoulder with your camera captured so much. little ones looking around, taking it all in, following their mama. To me, it is so representative of the 'stage' we're in right now. i love this stage and i love it because of little moments just like the one you captured perfectly. cute little ducks:)...

Leah said...

The duck formation made me laugh!!

We had no winter here this year. No snow. Just a very very long spring. Hard to believe...but true! I'm sure you've heard. It's 60 degrees today. Bright and sunny.

Moving to Houston is different than moving to AZ in the humidity department. We're talkin' 100 degrees with 100 percent humidity. I can't even imagine what that feels like!!!! I am scared to death.

jessica said...

Your little ducks are so cute! I have mine walk in front of me because I hate it when they step on the back of my heel, which happens ALOT because my girls don't pay attention to where they are going...

I can't believe it's already spring break time!


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