Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Own Towel

Ok, I will admit it.. I lost it this morning. (Why always on Sunday, right before church?) I had jumped in the shower, and for about the UMPTEENTH time, Abby, who showers at night had stolen my towel. I admit, there were towels under my cabinet, but they are old, and rough, and not the ones I like. I started hollering at Abby before I had even gotten all the way out of the shower. I marched to her room, and said, "Abby! Don't use my towel ever again! If you are in the shower, and you forgot your towel, you jump out wet, and go to your bathroom to get your own towel!! Don't use mine!"

I marched back into my bathroom, and my husband gave me a disgusted look, which I am sure was in reference to my 5 year old rant, and said, "Don't you think that was a little much?" Well you know what? My reaction, at the moment, MIGHT have been a little much... HOWEVER, don't I deserve to have my own towel? Don't I deserve to have it there when I get out of the shower? Don't I deserve to be able to have a towel to dry off with? Ok, maybe I over-reacted, but, I still think I should be able to have my own towel!

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