Sunday, January 13, 2008

Food Analysis

After opening these recipes one by one to change how I am formatting them, I began to wonder if some of you think that this is all that I eat! No, I have many, many recipes (as I am sure you all do) that I use all of the time. I do post some of them, when I am thinking about it, on the website.

Those would be, Mongolian Beef, Jean's Chicken Curry, Pot Stickers and a few others visit my weekly or monthly rotation. The fun in these recipes for me, is that I like to try something NEW! Mostly, I want to cook something *New* because I love to cook, and I don't want to get bored in the kitchen. I am going to be expanding these recipes in the very near future, and I wanted to be prepared, as well as let you know that if it is posted here, I tried it, and I liked it!

Does that mean it is now in my weekly or even monthly rotation? No, because I would never be able to cook the same thing twice! I don't want to tell you what ALL of the "good ol' standbys" are because then, you would only try those.

I want YOU to try what sounds good to YOU! With the assurance that if it is on here, it was yummy, and my family approved! So, there you have it!

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