Sunday, November 30, 2008


My baby is gone. When I would pick him up to snuggle him, sometimes I would get little tufts of fine baby hair up my nose, and I loved it. He was cute, he was baby... Now, he is not.

Now he is shorn, and I hate it. Now he looks older, and I hate it. Now, he has almost voluntarily given up his binky and started saying a TON more words almost simultaneously with his hair cut and I hate it . My friend from church said she hardly even recognized him and was so sad that his curls were gone... .I almost cried. A few months ago, I didn't think this day would come! But now, it has come and gone, and although he is still professing MANY toddler issues, I miss my baby. Good thing I am having another one I guess.

Good bye baby Wade, we will miss you. TONS. I wish you would drop the drooling as part of your growing up phase! :)

*Why did I do it? It was starting to lose its curl, and beginning to look like a complete rats nest. You can only prolong growing up for so long...

Friday, November 28, 2008

How was your BUTTERBALL?

Mine was good. . .

If you have some left over, try my favorite family tradition of left overs...

Monty Cristo's

Get your favorite white bread

(Grandma Sycamore's Please. . . affectionately referred to as Granny Bread)

Get some sliced ham and Swiss cheese

Make a french toast batter minus spices (maybe just vanilla and a wee bit o' sugar)
Make a turkey, ham and Swiss sandwich

(With mayo and mustard if you like, I think it is better that way)

Dip both sides in the french toast batter

Cook on a buttered griddle (did I say this was low fat? No.)

Over low heat (covered if you have a lid you can throw over it)

Serve with Raspberry Jam and



PS- DO NOT omit the Raspberry Jam. It is the key to the best Monty Cristo EVAH!!! If you are worried, serve it on the side, and dip it in. YOU WILL BE HOOKED!

Go Ahead, Elf Yourself.

Send your own ElfYourself eCards
Silly me, I thought I could post last years elf yourself too! It was in December but the ID no longer works. Enjoy this year anyway!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Today, it rained . . . .

By the way my kids acted, you would think they had never seen it before! It has rained in PHX since we moved here, but it was back in August, and, they weren't so far removed from rain because we had just moved here in June and before our move, rain was a part of our regular living.

They loved sloshing around in it and I have to admit, I didn't have a problem with it. I let them jump in puddles with their school shoes and sock on... Wade even ran around outside with no shoes on, soaking the bottoms of his pajamas. When the grandparents started to get concerned, I said, "Don't worry about it, they don't see rain that much" ME!!! I SAID THAT! I couldn't even believe it came out of my mouth!

This is someone who when it rained, kept the kids inside, swore I would lock them up if they got their school shoes wet and DESPISED muddy footprints ANYWHERE! Truth be told, my kids have been complaining that there is no snow here. I can't believe it. Who would complain about NO SNOW? (Besides my husband) Apparently they have forgotten about the 15 inches of slush on our street last year from January to March. I HAVEN'T and I DON'T MISS IT! I will admit, it is kind of hard to get into the Holiday season when you look outside to palm trees, cactus and 80 degree weather, but that is not a complaint, it is just a reality.

I have promised the kids that in the future, we will spend the holidays at the grandparents houses where there is a much better prospect for snow.. and I will MOST CERTAINLY push them outside with all their snow gear and when they want to come in after 15 minutes I will say, "OH NO! NO YOU DON'T! You miss the snow! Remember? You complain about missing it all the time! So, go play in it.... and you can come back inside in an 2 hours and tell me how WONDERFUL the snow is, and how GLAD YOU ARE that you got to stay outside and enjoy it." Think that'll happen? humpf.

In the mean time, the rain today DID add a little to our Holiday season. Just made it feel a little more like fall.. and I guess I kind of enjoyed it. (For once)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Husband

Jessica tagged me to do a My Husband Tag. Most of you don't know my husband, and even if you DO, you probably don't know him well. Peter and I have been married for 8 years and I am pretty much the social butterfly for us both! I do all of the activity planning and he pretty much just follows along.

Our deal when we got married was that he would "BE A FAN" which means that whenever I got a crazy hair to do something fun i.e. party, parade, or other wild crowd related activity he would oblige. Little did I know, he has his limits... Like attending this. There is no way that he would have attended that in this life time OR the next. I guess that is ok, you can't win 'em all.

I get in trouble sometimes with Peter re: THE BLOG. He was NOT happy when it went from a "Family Blog" to my personal place for self expression. He doesn't like it much when I say our kids look like me either...So, in an effort to not step on any TOES, I decided to ASK Peter what the answer to these questions would be. It started off kind of racy so I mentioned it was "for the blog" and he fixed it up a bit.

5 Things he loves to do:

Play Games - (He LOVES playing games and I sometimes don't LOVE playing with him. He recently played an 86 point word on scrabble against me)

Watch Movies (He has been Tivoing black and white movies on AMC and watching them at night)

Eat his Wife's Cooking (What can I say)

Playing Basketball (Too bad the guys in our ward here play at 6:00 a.m!)

Tickling the Kids (This would happen to be a nightly activity. He likes tickling me too, but of course didn't state that because I HATE IT! )

5 Things on his to do list ** Again, I did NOT make this list.

Lose weight

Quit eating so much of his wife's cooking

Do Nice things for his wife (He is very good at this)

Read More

Do Home teaching

5 of Favorite Foods

PIE- (unfortunately for him, Pie doesn't float my boat. But, I accommodate him at least a COUPLE of times a year!)

Frog Eye Salad (Again, I make this twice a year. Thanksgiving and 4th of July... Just for Peter)

Pizza (No brainer... we love FRIDAY NIGHT PIZZA NIGHT!)

Sushi (Why else do you think I married him?)

No Bake Cookies

5 Things People Don't know About Him

He is an AMAZING lover (Again, his words)

He can paint! (I have been meaning to blog about this, but have been waiting for a photo of a picture he recently painted of his parents. He has also illustrated a children's book for my mom and has painted pictures hanging in his Aunt's house and in his office.)

He used to be in a band and played the bass for a band in Seattle (grunge hair doo and all)

He has watched every Marx Brother's movies and has hundreds of their quotes memorized and does a great Harpo impersonation.

He was going to teach English in Japan instead, he decided to stay here. (Because of this, he didn't end up with a very small Asian woman.. he ended up with a VERY TALL AMERICAN woman.)

5 Things he Doesn't like

People in the kitchen when he is cooking- (He HATES it when I even ENTER the kitchen if he is in there. He routinely makes grilled cheese tortillas after church on Sunday and is known as the SANDWICH MAKER in our house)

Getting up early

Speeder upper slower downers (You know who you are... you people on the freeway that refuse to use cruise control)

An angry/mad or sad wife

Going to bed- (Because this would be prime time for watching his movies or playing games. )

Monday, November 24, 2008

Mm MMMMMm Good.

I know I have not posted recipes here in AGES! That is because I started a recipe blog a long time ago.. however, I made a recipe that I had posted on my recipe blog LAST holiday season, and BOY was I glad I pulled it out again. I think you need to try it too. Surprise the kids before school in the morning, or, if you don't get your fill of pumpkin PIE over the holiday, make THESE on the weekend! They were sooooooooooo good. Not to mention, they filled my house with the smell of pumpkin PIE! (oh, I skipped the rum)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

What to do here....

This weekend we went to the Desert Botanical Gardens here in PHX. I must say, it is not someplace I would visit in the afternoon or in the summer (way, waayy, waaaayyyy too hot people) However, I would HIGHLY recommend it in the morning (they open at 8:00 a.m.) and ESPECIALLY while the Dale Chihuly Display is going on. WHO IS DALE CHIHULY you might ask? Well, click on the link silly.

You MIGHT know him if you have been to the Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV. He created the chandelier that is hanging in the entry.. he has created thousands of glass sculptures and luckily, we get to have his display here at the Desert Botanical Gardens. I was sooooooooo excited when I found out that Peter's parents would be here during the display. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to "SURPRISE!" them with it because they had already read about it on the plane. Oh well.

It was still a stunning display of artistry, and if you are a budding (or experienced) photog it would be the place to come and have a day taking FABULOUS pix! I am not a pro- nor do I have a pro camera, and I think my pix turned out pretty awesome. Here are a few of my favs.
The best part is when I handed my camera over to Abby when I was done snapping shots... Here is her subject matter....
Nice picture of my big pregnant butt Abby, thanks. You are awesome! I love looking at what she took pictures of. I was happy to hand over my camera... I wish I would have let her keep it because we went back later that night (we kept our wrist bands on) to see the display lit up at night.. and I took this picture ...
Right before I dropped my camera (WHICH HAPPENS TO BE MY BACK UP BACK UP CAMERA) and it broke.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight Movie*** I've seen it!

Alright, so, I was one of the THRONGS of people who went to the 12:01 showing of Twilight last night. WHAT?? Oh, don't be so surprised. That is right up my alley. I am a party girl, all the way with a crowd mentality (moth to light = Lindsey to crowds)... well, as party girl as a 7 month pregnant lady can get. (Meaning, I was asleep when my husband came home and told me it was time to get my bumb to the movie).

We had our seats saved for us by some crazy teenager in our ward who had been there since 4:00 in the afternoon. (I know) But, I was able to walt right in amongst the THOUSANDS of people who were there filling up the 16 screen theater at 12:01 a.m. That is right. SOLD OUT... 16 SCREENS... Twilight fans... SOOOOOOOOOO OBSESSED!

So, I would assume if you read this far, you want a review. RIGHT? If so, stop reading NOW. STOP IT I SAID!

The whole reason I wanted to go at 12:01 a.m. with a bunch a rabid fans was to get the full measure of enjoyment out of it, there is a lot more synergy when there are 1,000s of screaming teenage girls in a theater you know. That, and the fact that Peter said he would NEVER GO WITH ME IN A MILLION YEARS and that all the people I know in PHX were at that screening, so, I didn't want to NOT go, and have to rent it months from now. So, my slant might be a little wooohooo! I saw it with thousands of screaming girls and it was sooooooooooo fuuuuunnnnnnnnn! Because, that IS part of what made it good.

Over all, I think they did a pretty good job. My mother-in-law went with me and she was VERY vocal about her distaste for the casting on Edward's Character. She said he was too short, and not "STRONG" enough. But hey, He IS SUPPOSED TO BE 17! Come on you middle aged ladies out there, I know you fantasize that Edward is 28 and ripped out, but that is NOT what he is supposed to be. I saw a few interviews with Robert Pattinson and I have to admit, I was worried. He touches his hair too much and has crazy nervous energy not to mention a British accent, but I think he did a pretty darn good job (big shoes to fill). The angles in which they shot his face made me feel like I was reading the book. Was it Oscar worthy? OF COURSE NOT PEOPLE! THIS IS A TEEN HEARTTHROB MOVIE! (Keep that in mind)

Bella, cast well, and she did a good job of acting scared but thrilled throughout her scenes with a supposed killer.

Script: Good. You know, Stephanie really has a way with words and they had to get through a lot of material to get through the story. I think it was good. They tried to keep the witty parts in, but lets face it, they couldn't film pages and pages of Stephanie's witty dialog and they didn't.

It was hard to get the feeling of such an intense book without making it too dark or graphic to keep its ratings. Hard line to follow. There were times where I think they could have made better use of the music. I mean, in writing the book, it is almost as if Stephanie has a soundtrack to the whole book! There were times when Edward and Bella were silent and looking at each other. You could hear them breathing which is representative of their relationship, but difficult to gather emotion out of. I think a little more music influence would have translated that emotion a little better. I know, you are thinking.. LINDSEY!! Teenage music video? That is NOT was I was looking for. That is NOT what I am saying, I just think they could have done a LITTLE better job to evoke emotion through music OK????

Wow, I bet you weren't looking for such an in depth review. I am sure a simple I LOVED IT! Or, I HATED IT would have sufficed. But that is just not how I felt about it. I think they did a GOOD JOB, and it was WORTH SEEING. There you have it. Hope you like it. (Like I said, it didn't hurt to have 1,ooos of teenagers SWOONING at Edward's every move) Let me know what you think of it! :) Oh, and PS, I will know if you read this review before you go... because HELLO!!! STATCOUNTER!

I just noticed throngs of mistakes in this here post, and I am gonna leave 'em because it is just proof I was up until 3:00 a.m.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Like Mother, Like Son

Peter seems to disagree with me, but, doesn't he look just like ME??

I SURE think so!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Like Sister, Like Sister

My new OB's office does a routine ultra sound at 28 weeks or there about. It is fun to get three ultra sounds to check out the baby's progress... so far, it is sister like sister.

This is sister #1

This is sister #2....

See the resemblance? Oh wait... you see something ELSE??? What is THAT?? You mean that BONE RIGHT BY HER FACE? That would be her LEG. Yes, starting at the bottom, a knee, a calf, an ankle... A LEG..

Like I said, like sister, like sister. Abby was born frank breech by c-section.... Girl #2 is looking the same so far! Like so.....

Like sister, like sister.

Monday, November 17, 2008

What is done is done

Now let's move on.

Last night Peter and I watched 60 Minutes (we tivo it- Yes, we are really 80- Wait, I don't think 80 year olds know how to work tivo) Anywho. The whole episode was on Barack and Michelle Obama. Hulu it, or something because it was good. Oh and my favorite part?

Interviewer: So, what did you talk about that night, after the acceptance speech, after it was all through.

Barack: Michelle asked me if I was going to take the kids to school in the morning.

Ahhhhhhhh, that is MY kinda woman. It was CLEAR. She DOESN'T mess around.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I was in my husband's office the other day... meaning, the room in our house in which his stuff is, and he had my blog up on his screen. He checks my blog often... he likes to read all of the comments.. He even has made a comment of his own. I bet you can't guess his comment name.....hmmm???? He always gives me feedback on my blog and tells me if he thinks I have gone a little "over the top", WHO? ME???? UnHeARD oF! (the nerve) . Anywho, I am getting sidetracked here. (I have been thinking about giving him publishing rights.. BAD Idea? Or good Idea?)

When I was looking over his shoulder I saw on my blog the babycam/gadget whatever and it said, 80 days..... 80 DAYS??? Here, all this time on MY computer it has been counting UP in weeks! (Such a sly way of coming about a baby--- But countin' it down baby.. ain't so sly) I felt a sudden surge of panic as I thought about how very little "girl" material I have in the baby department. Abby is 7!! Was I really supposed to keep her baby clothes for 7 YEARS? (My husband answers, YES, to this question) Anywho... I am feelin' a little desperate. I mean, the Holidays are upon me we have one set of parents coming in for Thanksgiving (does anyone else wonder where the last turkey's beak is?) and another set coming for Christmas... not to mention the hoopla just to get ready for those holidays and then there is that other wee tiny fact that we have been outta work... what's a girl to do? I better get my act together, or she might have to go nekkid or wrapped in a BLUE blanket until I can get a grip after the holidays. Oy!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Just don't know...

I have had a million ideas about what to blog about... but, just can't seem to pull the trigger. So, maybe I will let you decide..

Should I blog about....

Miley Cyrus and her 20 year old boyfriend? (I'm gonna get a million hits for that one)

Alternatives to a Christmas Card?

My blooming artist Abby?

Or Jaxon and his future as a Rap Artist?


Random Reader Questions... Have any?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

LOCKDOWN and wasting time

Yesterday I went to volunteer at school. I have a love hate relationship with volunteering. I love going to school and seeing my kids in class... I know they love it and I love making them happy. HOWEVER, it seems like I have to move heaven and earth to get there... kind of like when you plan a trip to the temple and it seems impossible to get there.. you know how it goes. It just seems hard. I always end up having a million OTHER things to do on that day.

So, just as luck would have it, I show up on LOCKDOWN DAY. What is LOCKDOWN DAY you might ask? Well, it is similar to having an earthquake drill at school. Remember those? Get under your desk for 5 minutes and giggle at the person next to you because you all look so ridiculous hiding under your desk.... yeah, LOCKDOWN is a little different. All a sign of the times we live in... with lockdown, you close and lock the door, turn out the lights, put black paper over the windows in the hall so no-one can see in to the classroom, you all crouch in a corner.. the corner of the room where if someone opened the door they wouldn't see you right away, you can't talk and then you wait..... for a long....................................long..........................looooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg time. (Ok, I guess it was only 20 minutes but that is like almost a whole episode of Ruff Ruff man!) Then, eventually, someone (a police officer) wriggles the door to make sure it is locked and that you have complied with the rules of the lockdown. A few minutes after that, an announcement is made that the campus is "secure".

The only thing different about MY LOCKDOWN experience is that I was in the copy room and had to sit on the floor with a few other adults. It was a bizarre experience, and it saddened me just a little, that my kids even have to KNOW what a lockdown is. In reality, I was grateful that they practice lockdown because although it is a little frightening, I was convinced that as long as the attack was not in the direct room of one of my children they would probably be safe because of this procedure. I hope your schools practise lockdown. If they don't... THEY SHOULD START!

On a lighter note... this came up on my live feed from (YES, I subscribe to People's live feed, don't you?) It is a GREAT waste of time, and even better if you husband sits over your shoulder and provides "Puppy Dialogue" as you are watching. I can't wait to show it to Abby when she gets home from school, she will LOVE it! ENJOY!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Days are Here Again!

Let's just let out a big collective *sigh* ready? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... Didn't that feel good? Well, it did to me because I have my (my husbands which I stole because mine is old and slow) laptop running again! I mean, it WAS running before... if you think that crashing every oh 20 minutes or so is running. The good news is, is that it would re-boot really fast, because it is a fast computer. But now, it is 11:52 p.m.... My husband has told me to go to bed like 5 times now and has uttered words like, "tired" "grumpy" "tomorrow" to me to try to get me to scurry along... but you know what? It won't matter... because my computer will be working like the sleek beautiful machine that it is tomorrow.. and that is JUST enough to keep my happy meter on the upside.. .If you know what I mean.

Wanna do the same? Ok, well, you have to back up all of the documents to a different drive. Yep, get one. (It is worth it) All the pictures too.. .then you have to push some secret combo of buttons to wipe that hard drive clean and VOILA! It is like a PRETTY CLEAN LAKE WITH NO RIPPLES... just waiting for you to dip your toe in. A CLEAN HARD DRIVE! Just like when you brought it home from the Hospital.. er... I mean, store. (I need to learn how to do those strike through words. Somebody help a girl out) I just RECENTLY learned about the compose button on blogger... I am so smart as not I think..... and I mean that!

Oh, did I mention you will spend the next 4-5 hours re-loading programs? Oh, because you will... and with each new and clean program you will feel your computer connected self feeling lighter and lighter until the perfect brightness of.... Ok, I am getting a little carried away here, but it DOES FEEL GOOD!

I just have a few more programs to re-load and !!!!!!!!!!!!!IT IS FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!.. Now, I just have to wait for Abby to add some crazy program on while she is visiting the build-a-bear workshop... ugh. I think it is time for a kid ONLY computer.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for the right time to do this post..... and it just seems the timing was never quite right. I am not sure it is now, but sometimes, you just need to get it out.

In June, we moved.

No wait, I have to back up a little more. .

Right around THIS time, we decided to have another baby. Yes, we were already planning on "doing our own thing" by moving to Arizona and buying a pizza business. But, I figured by the time we actually HAD the baby, we would have been business owners for 9 months, and we would be all comfy cozy in our new surroundings.

SO, by the time we BOUGHT the businesses, we were pregnant by, oh, a week or two... I guess when we set our minds to doing something, we get 'er done. No time to spare. Anyway, those last few weeks before the move, I was a few weeks pregnant and packing up the house on my own while Peter was already in Arizona getting into the businesses.


I called Peter to tell him about our little arrival over the phone. He had been in Arizona for about a week... Just long enough for him to figure out that our newly purchased businesses had been cooked, and when I say cooked, I am not just talkin' about the pizzas... I am talkin' about THE BOOKS... THE BOOKS HAD BEEN COOKED.

To save his wife a wee bit o' stress Peter decided to wait until I was here to tell me about the situation. I was shocked. (Ok, that is a BIT of an understatement) I am sure you could understand. Even though we had the best laid plans... the A bomb had seemed to go off in our faces. The last 5 months have been spent cleaning up the nuclear aftermath, and to be honest, I am glad we are still alive... albeit a little burned, but alive.


HOWEVER, we had LOTS of WONDERFUL things happen since we have moved here. We were able to start Jaxon on some treatment that was not available to us in WA.

He was accepted by the State of Arizona for Disability Services.

We were able to sell ONE of THREE houses that we own in WA and have renters for the other two.

We feel Abby is in better schooling too! She is light years from where she was in Spokane (sorry Spokane peeps)

We have had MANY, MANY, MANY Blessings. . . too many to count.

Throughout it all, I have been reminded that I have been given so much and have been carefully watched over during this incredibly stressful time. Don't get me wrong. Even though I haven't posted about it here, I have had many days where I have chosen to just lay in bed and cry. I have asked, WHY WHY WHY? I have wondered about the reason for it all. I have wondered WHY we conceived so quickly... when all this stress would have been a little easier without all these hormones... This time has NOT been without lots of blessings, but at times, it has been ugly. I am sure you can understand with the the state our our current Economic Crisis how this could be a bad time for such an event.

The amazing thing is, I have had lots of support. I have alluded to some troublesome times, and I have felt supported by so many of you. Some people have even let me know that they prayed for me... and they didn't know why. Others have sent sweet notes just letting me know that they were thinking about me. In the end, I have clung to this little world of blogging for survival, for support and for something ELSE to think about. I know there are MANY who have posted about being blessed by the little blogging world, and today, here is mine. I have been blessed by you. By your strength, support, shared struggles, and love. Because of you, I have felt LESS ALONE and MORE STRENGTHENED!

So, regardless if my husband thinks I am "playing with my imaginary friends", I know that YOU, MY FRIENDS, are FAR from imaginary and for that I AM


May all of you feel GRATITUDE this happy season.......

PS- We are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Law suit settled, Peter looking for work and is in the final stages of interviewing for a great job. We will be GRATEFUL if he gets it. Healthy baby on the way.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The little people are taking over the earth and driving me absolutely nuts.... I don't think I am going to make it. H-E-L-P.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Well, sorry my little blogger peeps, but my poll to the right was not a very accurate representation of what happened in our election. I have been having a MARVELOUS time reading all of the post election posts and rants. Most especially this one and this one. I have to admit, having all of that social pressure removed from me during this election was kind of nice, and NOW I can say, Well, it's not MY FAULT we are in this situation! Because I had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with it.

Truth be told, I really don't know who I would have voted for. The nice thing about not being able to vote is that you DON'T ACTUALLY have to decide! (Or take blame) I mean, I am a registered republican... my husband a registered democrat (He LOVES it when I tell people that) Especially because he is not, but it is funner to tell people that than "Independent".... whatever that means. Anywho, political debates have gone from very LIVELY in our first few years of marriage to kind of boring as we have both started to drift to the center. I am not sure that a vote I have made has ever really counted anyway because I don't think we have ever voted the same way (unless it is on "those issues" you know that ones that I am talking about).

In the end, we DID just witness history being made and to think that my daughter will actually have Obama as her first recollection of an American President is pretty cool. After all, it WAS a HISTORICAL EVENT. [BTW, Abby said she was going to vote for Obama and when I informed her that she can't vote she said, "but my friend did! She went to the Library and voted!" Uh-huh.. Truth be told, I am just happy SOMEONE has decided they WANT to take on the mess that is this country. Good luck, best wishes, hope it goes well and all and I don't think the fact that Oprah is going to have to PAY 12 million in taxes now, rather than SAVE 9 million in taxes (under McCain's plan) is that bad of a thing.. Maybe Oprah can now pay off the national deficit all by her little old self.

As a side note, my little poll says there is still a few hours left to vote! If you want to change your vote or add a vote, DO IT NOW! :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tired of Election Posts? [See here]

Well, leave it to me to find something OTHER than the election to talk about. If you read THIS (scary picture ahead) post, you may have seen the comment string attached to it in which Leah asked if I watched Dr. 90201. Silly Leah.... OF COURSE! I mean, not that I wait for it to come on on Monday night, but, it IS on the DVR schedule. I am fascinated/horrified by all the surgeries... I personally contemplate many of them, but am totally SCARED by all of them. I am not sure if I can go through with my post babies surgery list, but, in my effort to be educated... you know, I have to watch it.

I almost fell off the bed today when I was watching the Tivo'd episode and Dr. Rey said that in order to save his marriage he was going to talk to the missionaries who adopted him... IN UTAH! He has talked several times about the missionaries who adopted him, but never about what religion they were. When he said he was taking Haley to Utah, it was only the logical conclusion that they were LDS, and sure enough THEY WERE!

He went to their very modest home and wanted to know the secret to happiness. I was ready for them to launch into the first discussion, but alas, they said it was love. Really, it was a heartfelt moment and Dr. Rey spoke of them with such reverence and respect. It was nice to see he had such fantastic feelings for them and their obvious values. See the video here. Amazing. Who would have thought that Dr. Rey would have been raised (partially) by Mormon missionaries. Crazy.

Just another way that those Mormons are taking over reality TV! If you want to hear someone else rant about the LDS invasion go here, or here and type in Mormons in the blog search.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Remember when I said this and this?? Well, now I can officially say, I TOLD YOU SO.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I have to start out by saying, I think I am one of the most patriotic people on the PLANET. I tear up at any and all patriotic hymns. I LOVE Washington DC (not only because I served a mission there) But because all of the monuments are stunning and heart stirring and if you have EVER been to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier you will agree that you can feel the Spirit of a Country there. It is a beautiful place full of reverence and gratitude for those who have sacrificed for our country. I have taken THOUSANDS of pictures of the Iwo Jima Memorial because standing behind it and looking over our Nations Capitol is something that you will never forget.

With that said, I regret to inform you, that even though I have my personal Vote counter on my blog... that is as 'bout as far as my vote is going to get me... because, since moving to Arizona, I haven't registered to vote. Not for lack of wanting or trying, but for being too late when I realized that it wasn't done and then realizing that I wasn't going to get back from Utah before my deadline was up. So, I sit here on the Eve of an Election Eve unable to participate in our country's democratic process. My husband can hardly believe it. He doesn't even know if I am the same girl he married. (I am not sure that I AM) However, I still know the importance of responsible citizenship, and I am sorry that I am not able to be that responsible citizen on Tuesday. Maybe, since I have fallen off the wagon, I will take the opportunity to rob a bank as well. [Might as well take advantage of it]
May our freedoms and opportunities be sustained and may someone have enough brains and guts to guide us out of this economic crisis!!!


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